Trump Says Taliban Peace Talks Are 'Dead'

A man enters the press area of the White House at dusk Saturday Sept. 7 2019 in Washington. On Saturday Sept. 7 2019 President Donald Trump tweeted he has called off a secret Camp David meeting with Taliban and Afghanistan leaders

Afghan peace deal: Taliban says US has most to lose from cancelled talks

Over the weekend, Americans learned that President Donald Trump had been planning a secret meeting with Taliban leaders at Camp David to continue negotiations for ending the 18-year war in Afghanistan after he announced that he had made a decision to cancel the meeting.

Republican US representatives Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney said the Taliban were still fighting Americans and harbouring its enemies. Several called the timing unfortunate but the idea of talks worthwhile, a potential path toward peace for Afghans and Americans tired of Washington's longest war. "I didn't even discuss it with anyone else", Mr Trump said as he departed the White House for a political rally in North Carolina.

In the end, Pompeo said, "this will be resolved through a series of conversations".

And the Afghan government has objected both to the terms of a possible agreement and to how it was negotiated with the Taliban.

On Saturday, US President Donald Trump revealed that senior Taliban leaders and Afghan President Ashraf Ghani were coming to the Camp David presidential retreat on Sunday over a draft deal that would see the US withdraw thousands of troops and wind down its longest-ever war. He cited the Thursday attack.

'I don't see where those negotiations go.

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Pompeo acknowledged that the attack was not the first during the period in which peace talks have been held. "We created the environment for peace, but the Taliban took it wrong". "The plan was that the Taliban leaders will meet American officials during four of five days and later the United States and the Taliban will sign the peace agreement in Doha on return to Qatar", he said.

Reuters: "More Americans will die after Trump abruptly ends Afghan talks, Taliban say" - "President Donald Trump's decision to cancel Afghan peace talks will cost more American lives, the Taliban said on Sunday while the United States promised to keep up military pressure on the militants, in a stunning reversal of efforts to forge a deal ending almost 20 years of war in Afghanistan". We will continue our jihad. Civilians have suffered more than anyone in what was the world's deadliest war in 2018.

As part of that tentative deal, the US would remove 5,000 troops in return for a Taliban pledge to reduce violence and prevent the terror groups like ISIS and al-Qaida from operating in the country.

"The Taliban has become convinced that we want to deal far more than they do", she continued, suggesting America's desire to bring its troops home had convinced the militants that they could extract a costly deal from the U.S.

USA and Western officials say they had prepared for an immediate start to direct talks between the Taliban and other Afghans, including the government, once the withdrawal schedule was announced.

Trump relishes dramatic gestures, such as meeting North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, but the idea of inviting Taliban leaders to United States soil still stunned Washington. The official, who has discussed the peace process with US and Afghan officials, said Khalilzad's team was not aware of Trump's plans to tweet the end of the talks Saturday evening.

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"It was the case that when the Taliban tried to gain a negotiating advantage by conducting terror attacks inside the country, President Trump made the right decision to cancel the meeting", Pompeo told CNN.

"I cancelled Camp David on the basis that they did something that they sure as hell shouldn't have done", he said, condemning the attack that killed 12 people, including the USA soldier. Ortiz was the 16th USA service member to die in Afghanistan in 2019.

Wednesday will mark the 18th anniversary of the 9/11 Al Qaeda attacks that killed more than 3,000 people in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania. "They are just trying to come into power again".

Now, they control more swathes of land in Afghanistan than at any point since 2001. But U.S. officials fear it could be deeply marred by violence if the Taliban believe the negotiations are over. Trump cancelled it after the Taliban took responsibility for an attack last week that killed a USA soldier.

Trump, who has said he would like to reduce US troop numbers to about 8,600, addressed promises made since his presidential campaign to leave Afghanistan. The details of the U.S. -Taliban deal that had been shown to Ghani last week "were not convincing", Sediqqi said.

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