Man caught asleep at the wheel of self-driving auto

Tesla driver snoozes while cruising on auto-pilot at 60mph Massachusetts Turnpike highway

Tesla driver spotted 'asleep at wheel' on Massachusetts highway

Both the driver and his female passenger appear to be sleeping as the Tesla cruises along in self-driving mode.

A MA man has posted a video online that appears to show the driver of a Tesla sleeping as the vehicle speeds along a highway.

Mr Randall told CBS he tried to wake the driver with his horn but to no avail.

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Tesla says it doesn't consider its cars with the autopilot feature to be self-driving in its current form. "While Autopilot is created to become more capable over time, in its current form, it is not a self-driving system, it does not turn a Tesla into an autonomous vehicle and it does not allow the driver to abdicate responsibility".

"Some guy literally asleep at the wheel on the Mass Pike (great place for it)", he wrote. "Teslas are sick, I guess?" he tweeted. Randall captioned the video when he posted it to Twitter on Sunday.

Teslas have an autopilot function, but the company says drivers are expected to remain alert.

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"Autopilot is intended for use with a fully attentive driver, who has their hands on the wheel and is prepared to take over at any time", according to Tesla's website. Randall said he drove alongside the auto for almost a minute and beeped his horn, but the driver, whose head was leaning forward, did not wake up. "But yeah, the auto stayed the same speed in the same way on the highway, and yeah, it didn't change at all".

Tesla vehicles like the Model S, Model 3, and Model X come with hardware capable of an advanced autopilot feature that makes it possible for the auto to steer, accelerate, and brake automatically within its lane.

A Tesla spokeswoman declined to comment on the video. State police say they're aware of the video.

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