'Vikram' hasn't crashed, communication between orbiter, lander on: Ex-ISRO Director

ISRO's Attempts To Contact Vikram Lander Has Generated Tons Of Memes

How to watch the Indian moon landing

Their distress came watching a bright green line - representing the lander's trajectory on a large screen - suddenly veer off-course. According to ISRO, Vikram has the capability to communicate with IDSN at Byalalu near Bengaluru, as well as with the Orbiter and Rover. "Will you be able to hold without proper support?", Sivan told news channel NDTV. "Be strong. I am with you".

Prime Minister Modi lauded the scientists involved in Chandrayaan-2 even as he encouraged them to keep up their good work for the benefit of the country.

India hopes to become only the fourth country - behind the U.S., the former Soviet Union and China - to make a soft landing on the surface of the moon when its Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft attempts the feat early Saturday local time (Friday eastern time). So some distance, most effective the previous Soviet Union, the United States and China have achieved it. India's space scientists had a narrow one-minute window for their second attempt at launching the moon mission, a week after the mission was aborted 56 minutes before lift-off. "You have given your best, always, and will give us several more opportunities to smile", Modi said. In our glorious history, we have faced moments that may have slowed us but they have never crushed our spirit.

The space agency's chairman had earlier called Chandrayaan-2 the "most complex mission ever" undertaken by the space agency. "At the same time, we are full of confidence that when it comes to our space program, the best is yet to come".

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ISRO later tweeted that the Prime Minister will address the nation from ISRO Control Centre on Saturday at 8 am.

He also pointed out that the Chandrayaan-2 orbiter continued to do its job perfectly, orbiting the moon. China landed a craft earlier this year and the USA space agency has plans to put astronauts on the moon by 2024.

Observations from lunar orbiters have previously revealed traces of ammonia, hydrogen, methane, mercury and silver among the layer of dust and rubble found on the surface of the moon's south pole.

A major factor that kept costs low was the slow velocity of the journey.

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The American Apollo 11 mission reached lunar orbit just 75 hours, 50 minutes after blast-off.

Sivan had described the prospect of the lander's 15 minute descent - navigating its way autonomously - as "terrifying". Sivan had earlier warned that once the descent had begun, mission control would have to sit, watch and hope.

The spacecraft also carries an orbiter, lander and a rover, all nearly entirely designed and made in India.

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