Hurricane Dorian: Florida residents preparing for "extremely dangerous" storm

A building with metal shutters on its windows in preparation for Hurricane Dorian in Palm Beach Florida on Aug 29 2019

Former PM Kim Campbell ‘rooting’ for hurricane to hit Trump’s Mar-a-Lago

Quote tweeting a tweet by Earth Institute's Andrew Revkin about how bad the storm was getting, Campbell quipped, "I'm rooting for a direct hit on Mar-a-Lago!" Instead, he will remove limits on methane! "Well, we will see if Mrs".

Campbell is a critic of Trump on Twitter.

Campbell has written several tweets about the hurricane since Wednesday, including one that seemed to clarify her remarks about Mar-a-Lago. Mar-a-Lago is located in Palm Beach within the storm's projected path. "I know Palm Beach well and am sorry if it gets a big hit", she added.

Campbell, who is Canada's shortest-termed prime minister at 132 days in office, did stand firm on other expressions of her hopes for the hurricane's target. "It was intended as sarcasm-not a serious wish of harm", Campbell tweeted.

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Non-governmental organisation IsraAID said on Friday that it was "preparing to send an emergency team" as Dorian headed for Florida's east coast, although its path could yet change.

When another Twitter user asked Campbell, "What the heck is wrong with you?" and noted that "there are real people who live and work there", she responded: "As there are in Puerto Rico - sorry you don't get snark - but Trump's indifference to suffering is intolerable!" I should know better.

When you're a former prime minister, you generally keep your opinions fairly neutral, and leave the colour commentary for political pundits and rogue MPs.

Campbell served as prime minister for less than five months following the resignation of Brian Mulroney in 1993.

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This isn't the first time Campbell has hit out at Trump, calling him a "mother-- " in January.

Forecasters predicted the storm would grow more ferocious as it gained fuel from the warm waters off Florida and be near the state's peninsula late on Monday.

Mr Trump cancelled a visit to Poland scheduled for the weekend and Florida's governor expanded a state of emergency to prepare for Hurricane Dorian, which is forecast to make landfall on the Atlantic coast on Monday as a risky Category Four storm. But not everyone can have the protection of a fortress like Mar a Lago, built to be hurricane-proof!

Eric Trump, son of President Donald Trump, attends a new year's party at Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, on December 31, 2017. But predicting its course with any confidence this far out is hard, and forecasters cautioned that all of Florida, including Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Orlando, could be in harm's way.

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