Health officials warn of dangers of vaping

W.Va. health department weighs in on vaping hazards

Outbreak of lung illnesses put new spotlight on youth vaping

He cited a study published this month in Public Health Reports, a US-based health magazine, which indicated that e-cigarettes are not a healthy alternative and do not help people quit traditional smoking.

While there have been numerous studies that say smoking e-cigs are less harmful than smoking, researchers admit the long term effects aren't fully understood yet.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has officially confirmed the first vape-related death. But as the reality of chain smoking a couple of ciggies each day came into focus, people in their droves chucked their packs in the bin and vowed to never return.

Across the country, health officials are concerned about a recent outbreak of severe lung injuries among users of e-cigarettes, which are popular among teenagers and young adults. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported this month that the first person, an IL resident, has died as a result of severe lung injuries linked to vaping.

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So far, available evidence does not suggest that an infectious disease is a principle cause of this vaping-related illness, Ileana Arias, Ph.D., acting deputy director for non-infectious diseases at the CDC, said in the telebriefing.

"They say it's better than smoking but..."

As per government statistics, 16 per cent of English adults smoke cigarettes and it is the most significant cause of preventable deaths.

According to the state health department, e-cigarette use throughout the United States increase by 78 percent among middle and high school students.

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The Health Department added that anyone with the following symptoms and had used vaping products in the past should contact their doctor immediately. North Carolina filed a lawsuit against eight e-cigarette companies for their alleged aggressive marketing that targeted children and lack of appropriate age verification when selling their products, according to a Tuesday announcement from state Attorney General Josh Stein.

For Pipe, the respiratory illnesses being seen in clusters in many US states are just one worrisome aspect of the explosion of vaping among youths. An Illinois man died from lung problems linked to his e-cigarette use, state officials said. Nevertheless, it is not the only federal agency vigorously looking into vaping-associated health issues.

Among other things, she said, the attractiveness of the product to youth should be limited. They see an average of one new patient per week due to vaping. The number of middle and high school students using e-cigarettes rose from 2.1 million in 2017 to 3.6 million past year - a difference of about 1.5 million young people.

Ottawa Public Health is working with teens who can provide information to others and become advocates against vaping.

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Cases have been found in at least 11 USA states. Someone walking down the street might catch a whiff of mango, cucumber or watermelon and not know they were inhaling e-cigarette aerosols, Tan said.

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