Bolsonaro mobilises Brazilian army to combat Amazon fires

Brazil’s Bolsonaro orders army to fight Amazon fires

Beef Industry Is to Blame For Amazon Fires, Environmentalists Say

Brazil's National Institute for Space Research (INPE) has been tracking the damage and its satellite data showed on Thursday a record-breaking 75,336 fires have swept across Brazil's forests in the past eight months.

Trudeau is among a number of leaders putting Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro in spotlight as more than 165,000 fires burn across the Amazon rainforest, a record number of them in Brazil.

Many are also calling out Bolsonaro's policies and his anti-environment rhetoric, saying that they emboldened loggers, miners and farmers.

The growing crisis threatens to torpedo a blockbuster trade deal between the European Union and South American countries, including Brazil, that took 20 years to negotiate. Meanwhile, Jair Bolsonaro said that Amazon can not be used "as a pretext for possible worldwide sanctions".

The record-breaking fires that are now blazing in the Brazilian rainforest were likely set by farmers who want to clear the land for cattle ranching, environmental organizations say.

Bolsonaro has repeatedly said he believes Brazil should open up the Amazon to business interests, allowing mining, agricultural and logging companies to exploit its natural resources. Experts and campaigners say his administration has given a green light to rainforest destruction, according to the BBC.

Bolsonaro has come under intense pressure to contain the spread of the record number of fires now burning through the world's largest rainforest, many of them set by loggers incentivized by his government.

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In his televised address, Mr Bolsonaro confirmed that he had authorised the armed forces to help fight the fires. "The Amazon must be protected".

The decree itself was fairly vague in its wording, but specified that the military would be deployed to nature reserves, indigenous lands and border areas in the region.

"To the unwary who insist on safeguarding the purposes of the Brazilian Amazon, make no mistake, soldiers will always be alert and vigilant, ready to defend and repel any kind of threat", Pujol said in a speech during a Soldier's Day ceremony in Brasilia.

What else have leaders said?


It came amid growing criticism for Bolsonaro and his administration from the global community.

"The French president's suggestion that Amazon issues be discussed at the G-7 without participation by the countries in the region evokes a colonialist mentality that is out of place in the 21st century", Bolsonaro wrote on Twitter.

The message came in response to a tweet posted by French President Emmanuel Macron. "Members of the G7 Summit, let's discuss this emergency".

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Environmentalists have blamed deforestation for an increase in fires, and accuse the president of relaxing environmental protections on a vast carbon trap and climate driver that is crucial to combating global climate change.

Scientists and environmental groups are anxious that the fires will aggravate climate change crisis and threaten biodiversity. Apart from this, what we can do is to read, understand what's happening, spread awareness and also donate to the following organisations - Amazon Watch, Rainforest Trust, Rainforest Action Network and Amazon Conservation Team.

Similarly, Bolsonaro had said he wants to convert land for cattle pastures and soybean farms.

Brazil's president has hit back at criticism and accused leaders such as Mr Macron of meddling for "political gain".

AFP reported that Bolsonaro suggested the fires were set because his government had cut the funding to several NGOs.

Data from the Inpe showed that the number of forest fires in Brazil soared by 82 percent from January to August this year from a year ago, and over half of those fires occurred in the Amazon rainforest.

"We need to bear in mind that more than 20 million Brazilians live in that region", he said.

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