‘No discussion on politics please, we are Google’

Google's move is a shift away from the Internet giant’s famously open culture

Google's internal community guidelines discourage political discussions

"Our primary responsibility is to do the work we've each been hired to do, not to spend working time on debates about non-work topics", the guidelines state.

Alphabet Inc.'s Google has posted internal rules that discourage employees from debating politics, a shift away from the internet giant's famously open culture.

Musell said it's unclear which discussions would be unrelated to Google's workplace because the company's products and services touch so many different aspects of society.

Asked how Google will determine if a political debate qualifies as "raging" or "disruptive", the spokesperson told Gizmodo the community management team will have to assess this.

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The "community guidelines" tell employees not to have "disruptive" conversations and warn workers that they'll be held responsible for what they say at the office.

Google has been buffeted by criticism from the White House over alleged anti-conservative biases and by employees who have openly protested against proposed defense projects and its handling of sexual harassment claims against high-profile executives.

So keep your head down, don't point out the obvious political ramifications of your work, and be a good worker bee.

In May, Business Insider reported that Google's chief counsel Scott Walker sent a company-wide email re-enforcing its data security policies around "need to know" and "confidential" information, saying that employees in the past have been fired for violating such policies.

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"We're all free to raise concerns and respectfully question and debate the company's activities - that's part of our culture", the guidelines read. The guidelines include specific sentiments about employees not speaking about initiatives unless they are certain they have accurate information. "And take care not to make false or misleading statements about Google's products or business that could undermine trust in our products and the work that we do".

Google workers are active on internal forums for subgroups representing a wide range of passions, ethnicities and lifestyles.

The policy announcement reminds Google employees that working at the company "comes with tremendous responsibility".

The public got its first view of the internal rancor at Google after the leak of an employee's memo that suggested women were less biologically suited to be engineers than men.

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On Friday, Google unveiled its latest set of community guidelines for employee communication on internal message boards in an attempt to restore order within the walls of the Silicon Valley giant. The company explicitly banned "trolling, name calling, and ad hominem attacks". Past year around 20,000 Google employees around the world staged a walkout over the company's sexual harassment policy.

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