Israel's Syria assaults kill Hezbollah men, Iranian

A still from a video purporting to show an Israeli strike on Iran-backed forces in Syria

A still from a video purporting to show an Israeli strike on Iran-backed forces in Syria

Conricus, however, said the impact of the Israeli strikes was "significant".

Late on Saturday, the Israeli military attacked targets near Syria's capital Damascus in what it said was a successful effort to thwart an imminent Iranian drone attack on Israel.

A Lebanese army statement said an Israeli drone came down while the other exploded in the sky over Beirut, causing material damage.

A Syrian army soldier sits on a military vehicle in Khan Sheikhoun, Idlib, Syria, on Saturday.

Residents in Dahyeh said they had heard the sound of a blast.

Israeli warplanes struck targets near the Syrian capital, Damascus, overnight.

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In recent days, USA officials have said that Israeli strikes have hit Iranian targets in Iraq, in what would be a significant expansion of Israel's campaign targeting Iranian military entrenchment in the region.

In June 2016, Israel launched Operation Good Neighbour to provide humanitarian aid to civilian victims of the conflict but in September past year, the IDF announced the operation would be closed due to the return of Mr al-Assad's government to power in the south of Syria.

Conricus said Iran had actually tried Thursday to mount an attack against Israel using the drones.

The IDF has carried out scores of strikes against Iran-linked targets in Syria, but rarely confirms specific attacks.

A spokesman for the group said that the drones had "targets" which they had not yet established.

The attack targeted: "A number of terror targets and military facilities belonging to the Quds force as well as Shiite militias". A man was seen taking away metal parts in a white plastic bag that he said contained parts of the aircraft that went down.

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"I reiterate: Iran has no immunity anywhere".

Nasrallah said it marked "the first clear, big, dangerous, breach of the rules of engagement drawn up in 2006" after the end of the 2006 conflict between Israel and Hezbollah. Russia, which also aids Assad, has largely turned a blind eye to the Israeli air strikes.

The United States and Iran are at odds over Tehran's nuclear program and the Gulf, with both sides trading accusations over threats to the strategic waterway's security. Iran supports Hezbollah in Lebanon, as well as an array of government-allied militias in Syria and Iraq.

The Israeli military refused to comment on the strike.

"Ever since the current Iranian regime gained power in the 1979 Islamic Revolution, they have not recognised Israel and leadership refers to Israel as 'the Zionist regime".

On Wednesday, the PMF, the umbrella grouping of Iraq's paramilitary groups, said the USA had allowed four Israeli drones to enter the region accompanying United States forces and carry out missions on Iraqi territory. "But sometimes, someone makes a mistake".

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