Destiny 2 - How To Set Up And Use Cross Save

Destiny 2 Steam migration starts today, here's how to begin the process

Destiny 2 PC owners can now transfer their accounts over to Steam

Additionally, Destiny 2: Shadowkeep will launch as a standalone expansion, so you could in theory just buy that on your secondary platforms and play that new content. Before activating Cross-Save, you will get an overview of your characters and your game contents and on which platforms they are playable.

You'll then see your username and you'll go through an agreement menu before being asked to accept the link between Steam and

Cross Save is the ability of having the same character data accross different platforms where you play the game. You can then log in with your PSN account, your Xbox Live account, your account or your Steam account. Given how complicated adding cross save must be, it's understandable that Bungie might need more time.

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Cross-saves can be disabled, meaning you'll be able to access old characters on each platform, though you won't be able to re-enable cross-saves again for 90 days.

For players who have played on a single platform, this is a simple choice, but if you have made a double dive on PS4 and PC, for example, you will have to choose carefully which of the two accounts to use to share progress.

If you are logged in, you can start the cross-save process simply by clicking on "Get Started" in the middle of the picture.

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Once this is done you can click complete and you are ready to go, well, as soon as Destiny 2 makes the move to Steam. While progress on Clan objectives can be made on any platform, you will only be able to play with Clan teammates who are now online on the same platform. The one in white is the one you're logged into now. But going with New Light or Shadowkeep would preclude you from accessing, say, Forsaken's Raid or Black Armory's Forges-though gear you earned from those activities on your main platform (s) is still usable. Silver is associated with your characters, so when you select a set of characters to be active, only that silver on that platform will be available.

How will Cross-Save impact my Clans?

Your Active Account will only take up one player slot in your Clan Roster, but you'll have access to your Clan teammates who are now playing on the same platform.

I still have a bunch of questions!

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