Dem Sen. Chris Murphy: '50-50' Chance of Gun Background Check Deal

Mark O'Connor fills out his Federal background check paperwork as he purchases a handgun at the K&W Gunworks store on the day that U.S. President Barack Obama in Washington DC announced his executive action on guns

President Trump Shifts Away from Background Check Push 34 Joe Raedle Getty ImagesAWR Hawkins20 Aug 2019

But many people didn't get the joke.

[Mr.] Trump "told me personally that he was indeed serious about moving forward together on what he called 'meaningful background checks legislation, '" Murphy said at a press conference in Hartford Friday. And he sent conflicting signals on gun control - claiming he still has an "appetite" for tougher background checks on gun sales after privately cooling to the idea and before stressing the United States already has robust background checks in place.

Several leading media outlets including the Washington Post and The Atlantic quoted White House sources as saying Trump promised LaPierre he would not pressure Congress for a stringent, universal, pre-sale review of all gun buyers. He said Tuesday that while the current system has "sort of missing areas and areas that don't complete the whole circle", it is overall "very, very strong" - even though federal law only requires background checks for guns sold through licensed firearm dealers. "He's anti-immigrant. He foments discontent with so many people it doesn't matter what the economy's doing really".

"I am the chosen one", he said, looking up at the sky.

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While two Democrats on the Hill described talks with the White House as largely stalled, others said White House officials have been engaged in continued conversations with Democratic and Republican lawmakers. "And I think there's a decent chance to present to Republican voters a conservative without all the baggage". But there are certain weaknesses.

Beyond guns, Trump remains overwhelmingly popular within his own party.

"We also have to remember, the gun doesn't pull the trigger, a person does", he said.

Members of Congress, together with a few of Trump's fellow Republicans in addition to Democrats, have been pushing again towards repeated Trump administration efforts to chop the sum of money Washington spends on global assist.

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Democrats meanwhile can not push legislation through Congress without the backing of Republicans, who control the Senate and the White House.

On Saturday, it was time for Trump to try to provide clarity.

She noted that, during the first quarter of the year, 51 percent of the campaign's donors were women - a figure the campaign sees as a sign that women are more engaged.

'It's clear that there are many on the Hill who aren't willing to join in curbing wasteful spending...'(Reuters) The White House will not move forward with plans to cut billions of dollars in foreign aid, USA officials said on Thursday, after an outcry from Congress about what was seen as an attempt to sidestep lawmakers' authority over government spending.

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"People need weapons, unfortunately, for protection", Trump told reporters.

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