Woman thinks she has water in ear, doctors find venomous brown recluse

N-sky  iStock via Getty Images

N-sky iStock via Getty Images

A Kansas City woman got the surprise of a lifetime after seeing a doctor for "water in her left ear".

A woman who went to a Missouri doctor complaining of water in her ear was shocked to be told it was actually a highly venomous brown recluse spider.

She woke up Wednesday morning with popping and swishing sounds in her ear.

The doctors "had a few tools and worked their magic and got it out", Torres said.

Torres told American media outlet 41 Action News, "She [the medical assistant] ran out and said I'm going to get a couple more people".

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Luckily, the spider did not bite her.

It is a rare event indeed, but Torres isn't taking any chances with letting another spider into her ears.

"I went and put some cotton balls in my ears last night because I didn't have any ear plugs", Torres said. "It was like when you went swimming and you have all of that water in your ear".

Torres was lucky as the spider did not bite her, but those who feel the pain of a brown recluse bite can suffer from itching, muscle pain and fever.

Torres said, while she did not know exactly what was in her ear at that point, she did not panic.

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She thinks it might have entered her ear while she was sleeping, so now she doesn't take any chances.

Torres said she continued to remain calm.

According to the CDC, the brown recluse is one of two venomous spiders found in the US, along with black widows.

The brown recluse spider, also known as the violin spider, is most commonly found in the Midwestern and southern states of the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Brown recluse venom is not considered deadly.

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