USA missile test raises 'new threat' for Russia: Putin

Putin says US missile test raises new threats to Russia

Putin says Russia ‘will react accordingly’ after US missile tests

The fact that the USA test-fired a ground-launched version of a cruise missile banned by the INF Treaty just weeks after it officially left the accord clearly shows that it was in development long before that, Vladimir Putin said.

The Pentagon said it tested a modified ground-launched version of a Navy Tomahawk cruise missile, which accurately struck its target more than 500 kilometers (310 miles) away.

USA terminates Reagan-era nuclear treaty; Rich Edson has the details.

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Speaking at a news conference in Helsinki, Putin stressed that the USA reequipped a sea-based Tomahawk missile for ground launches, which can be conducted from the Mk-41 systems, deployed in Romania, and therefore can reach Russian territory.

"Such missiles could be launched from facilities in Romania, as well as those to be deployed in Poland", he said. All you have to do is change the software.

Some U.S. officials have said they believe radioactive elements were involved, and many analysts have focused attention on a nuclear-powered cruise missile that Putin announced was under development previous year.

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On Aug. 2, the US formally withdrew from the nuclear pact, following a months-long war of words between Moscow and Washington.

Putin on August 19 said there was "no threat" of contamination after the deadly blast, which occurred in the town of Nyonoksa, a Dvina Bay port not far from Severodvinsk, at a naval site that has been used for decades to test naval missiles, including intercontinental ballistic missiles.

"The US swiftness in testing the new missile after they left the INF Treaty indicates that they started working on it long before they began looking for reasons to leave the agreement", according to the Russian president.

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Under the treaty, both sides destroyed the whole class of intermediate- and short-range missiles in a span of four years.

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