Russian Federation says US cruise missile test is regrettable

U.S. Defense Department conducts first flight test of land-based cruise missile

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"Developing and fielding U.S. INF Treaty-range missiles is militarily unnecessary", said Kingston Reif, director for disarmament and threat-reduction policy at the Arms Control Association, a think tank in Washington.

"The United States has obviously taken the course of escalating military tensions".

Visit Insider's homepage for more stories. The United States plans to test an intermediate-range ballistic missile in November. "We will not allow ourselves to get drawn into a costly arms race". The INF Treaty was created in 1987 and banned all types of missiles with ranges between 500 kilometers and 5,500 kilometers (3,410 miles). The U.S. pulled out of the treaty on August 2 of this year, though China was never a party to that agreement. On the very next day of this announcement by the US, Russia also announced the withdrawal of this treaty.

The US missile tested on Sunday was a version of the nuclear-capable Tomahawk cruise missile.

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The test-flight of the medium-range missile is meant to serve as a direct response to Russia's deployment in recent years of its own treaty-busting missile, the Novator 9M729.

On Aug. 18, at 2:30 p.m.

"We will not allow ourselves to get drawn into a costly arms race", Mr Ryabkov said, adding that Moscow would stick to a unilateral moratorium on such missile systems "if and when we get them, as long as the USA does not deploy them anywhere in the world".

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Gang Shuang said that the USA action would have a "negative impact on regional and worldwide security". US intelligence first recognized Moscow's potential violation of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty when the Russian missile was still in test phase.

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The missile was launched on Sunday from the US Navy-controlled San Nicolas Island off the coast of Los Angeles, California.

"The question is, if now Russian Federation tests a new system in this range and we respond, that's how escalation starts", Bell says. Beijing may actually have more reason to worry.

The process for pulling out of the treaty began in February, and the USA military has been developing new missiles. "Eighty percent plus of their inventory is intermediate-range systems", Esper told reporters during a recent visit to the region. Esper confirmed the United States was not embarking on a new arms race. The US has yet to announce where any of these missiles will be deployed.

Globally, the end of the INF leaves just one major treaty providing formal restraint on the world's major arsenals - the New START treaty - and it too is in jeopardy, The Guardian reported.

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The United States, he added "will work closely with our allies as we move forward in implementing the National Defense Strategy, protecting our national defense and building partner capacity". The US has expressed interest in deploying new capabilities throughout the tilt the scales back the other way.

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