Large alligator climbs fence at Naval Air Station Jacksonville

An alligator on a Florida street

An alligator on a Florida street

Alligators have been finding new ways to get around in Florida by climbing fences and swimming in flooded roads, according to several videos.

Florida alligators had quite the week last week-even by Florida standards. A horrifying video that is going viral online shows a huge alligator scaling a fence to enter the military base of Naval Air Station Jacksonville.

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One of the gators was filmed on Thursday swimming in a giant puddle in the middle of an intersection during a downpour in St. Petersburg.

Light posted a photo and video to his Facebook page.

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People on Facebook can not stop sharing their reactions to the pictures and the video. "That's when I saw it in passenger side coming towards me lol". The alligator, which measured around 8 feet long, was pulled from the roadway's lanes before it was trapped, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said.

A woman in Jacksonville captured an alligator scaling a chain-link fence at the Naval Air Station over the weekend. "I didn't know the damn things could climb fences!" a third commented.

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The gator made a much more graceful landing than many of us would have.

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