Sony Cuts Ties With Marvel Studios For Tom Holland's 'Spider-Man' Films

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Spider-Man Far From Home becomes Sony’s highest grossing film

According to Deadline, Marvel Studios will not produce any further Spider-Man films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, due to an inability between Sony Pictures and Disney to reach new terms that would have given Disney a co-financing stake moving forward.

Amidst the report that Spider-Man is out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Deadline's sources indicate there are two more planned Spider-Man films with director Jon Watts and actor Tom Holland.

Apparently, Disney wanted to have a 50/50 co-financing agreement after the success of Far From Home.

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Spider-Man: Far From Home is now the number 2 Spider-Man film ever domestically, behind 2002's original outing, and having topped Spider-Man 2's $373.6M on August 15. In turn, Sony offered to keep the same arrangement under the current terms with Marvel receiving about 5% of first-dollar gross, and Disney rejecting the offer. "Far From Home" was largely focused on the possibility of Spider-Man replacing Tony Stark as the tech genius at the center of The Avengers. Disney said no to that, so here we are.

Sony has walked away from negotiations before, only to return to the bargaining table with Marvel.

Sony might believe they're better off without surrendering so much profit, but can they really count on the same sort of response at the box office without Marvel's banner overhead too?

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For Marvel and Spider-Man fans both, this should feel like a real gut-kicker piece of news, but hey, that's Hollywood. Are you disappointed to see Spider-Man leave the MCU?

What do you make of this report regarding Spider-Man no longer showing up in the MCU?

Perhaps this isn't the end, though, because we all sat and reported similar events in the Fox/Disney merger deal that looks like an impasse and that eventually went ahead, so maybe there is a compromise to be made here.

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As is, there are more than a few questions left hanging in the air. The Tom Holland-led film is also the first film in Spider-Man's cinematic history to cross the $1 billion mark globally.

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