'Great mattress migration' stuns U.S. swimming pool-goers

In eyewitness footage posted online by local Robb Manes, the magnificent mattress menagerie was captured in its full, natural beauty.

In the freakish video, a strong wind blew the mattresses -which had been set up for an outdoor cinema event - across a field and towards a nearby community swimming pool.

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Dozens of Coloradans had set air mattresses on a sprawling lawn in preparation for an outdoors movie night Saturday, unaware that mattress anchors would have come in handy.

A handful of people fruitlessly tried to grab hold of the wayward mattresses, the video shows.

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"Apparently there was a "Movie Night Under The Stars" and in Denver, Colorado fashion, a storm blew in, and this is the result", Manes said.

Some of the mattresses ended up being blown into a nearby pool as stunned onlookers watched. A video of mattresses blowing across a field near Denver is making the rounds on social media.

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They left the pool to observe the insane scene that ensued, lasting about 30 minutes and involving as many as 100 mattresses, many being chased by their owners.

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