Sudan protest leaders, military sign transitional government deal

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Sudan opposition and military sign final power-sharing accord

After weeks of tense negotiations, Sudan's TMC and protest leaders reached a preliminary agreement earlier this month following worldwide pressure and concerns that the political crisis could ignite a civil war.

The representatives of the oppositional coalition and Sudanese Transitional Council have signed the final power-sharing agreement, as Reuters reports.

The agreement ushers in a new governing council, including both civilians and generals, to pave the way towards elections and civilian rule.

"Omar al-Bashir has evaded justice for far too long as the victims of horrific crimes still wait for justice and reparations", it said.

The military members will select the head of the council for the first 21 months of the transition period, which lasts three years and three months, according to the agreement.

The military's two remaining members will be named at a later time, Kabbashi said.

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The two sides have agreed to rotate the chairmanship of the council for just over three years.

Leaders of Ethiopia, South Sudan and Kenya were also present. "The United States will continue to support you in your pursuit of a government that protects the rights of all Sudanese citizens and leads to free and fair elections". Attendees in the Friendship Hall where the ceremony took place received Ahmed with cheering and chanting.

"A spirit of revenge against the former regime is risky", he said.

"This is the biggest celebration I have ever seen in my country".

But the road to democracy remains fraught with obstacles, even if the mood was celebratory as foreign dignitaries as well as thousands of citizens from all over Sudan converged for the occasion.

Preceding protests erupted in December over the high price of fuel, and eventually evolved into demands for the authoritarian al-Bashir to step down. The military will also control the defense and interior ministries, which account for a large part of national spending.

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The protests turned violent in April, when government forces killed 22 people during a sit-in outside the military headquarters in Khartoum.

As the crowd erupted into a thunderous roar to mark the signing of a declaration on Sudan's transitional constitution, 19-year-old Ali broke into tears for his dead brother.

"We came here to express our victory, to carry the memories and ambitions of the Sudanese people", Awadallah Ahmed told VOA as he stepped off the train.

A prime minister nominated by civilians is due to be appointed next week.

The composition of the civilian-majority transitional ruling council is to be announced on Sunday.

The power-sharing deal has been criticized by the Sudan Revolutionary Front, an alliance of the largest rebel groups in Darfur. The deal calls for the government to reach a peace agreement with the rebels within six months.

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The opposition alliance was hopeful, but concerned about compromises it has to make in the deal.

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