Pushing for immigration limits, Trump official spoofs Emma Lazarus poem

Immigrants are vital to the American economy

Immigrants are vital to the American economy. Sandy Huffaker Getty Images

"They certainly are: 'Give me your exhausted and your poor who can stand on their own two feet and who will not become a public charge, '" he replied.

Poverty and lack of opportunity are two of the main reasons why people emigrate to another country, so these restrictions will certainly impact many in the future who wish to enter the us and become citizens. It is used as a basis for admissibility into the United States and as a determining factor when immigrants are trying to adjust their immigration status to obtain legal permanent residency. Here's Ruben Reyes a Phoenix attorney with the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

"Overall I think it's going to scare people and maybe make them less likely to seek help", said Celsa Rodriguez-Story, an attorney with the Dallas-based law firm Scheef & Stone.

BRODIE: So, where did this rule come from?

But Democrats denounced the new rule.

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LAUREN GILGER: And give us a little bit of context on this. Now, he says, that fear has been codified into reality with the announcement of the public charge ruling.

Forget that we are a nation of laws and not poems, here are the infamous welfare queens at NPR offering up the ideal example of how the overall media are abusing the Lazarus poem to emotionally blackmail us into continuing to open our welfare rolls to non-citizens....

A new immigration policy that President Trump said will ensure that immigrants to the United States are financially self-sufficient could affect more than 50,000 non-citizens who receive public benefits in Ohio. Now the problem was that the law was somewhat vague. So they might be considered a public charge.

He is now facing scrutiny for rolling out a new "public charge" rule that would deny green cards for visa holders using or expected to use public benefits like food stamps and Medicaid.

On average, 544,000 people apply annually for green cards, with about 382,000 falling into categories that would be subject to this review, according to the government. These particular benefits or look like they might need those benefits in the future not necessarily past. On my father's side, his grandparents and great-grandparents came to the United States more than a century ago with little else but a dream to better their lives - and to escape anti-Semitism.

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Without that support, the lawsuit argued, immigrants would rely on safety nets and potentially contribute to the spread of tuberculosis and the Zika virus - both of which, the lawsuit indicates, occur at higher rates in foreign-born populations.

GILGER: And and give us a sense then of that reaction. "So I think we're doing it right". What are they saying this will do?

It's another defiant step in President Donald Trump's long march to change the way the nation thinks about immigrants, an approach he hopes will win over enough voters to earn him a second term. These expansions do not apply to refugees, asylum seekers, pregnant women, children, and family members of those serving in the Armed Forces, only to those seeking to apply for citizenship or seeking an adjustment of status.

"No family should ever have to choose between staying in America and having access to health care, food, and housing", Gov. She said it's assistance that shouldn't have an impact on whether they are eligible for a green card.

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