Trump Suggests Xi Should Meet With Hong Kong Protesters to Resolve Crisis

Gladys Liu talks to SBS News

READ MORE'Painful to watch: Gladys Liu calls for peaceful end to Hong Kong protests

Such concerns are not unfounded.

The chilling message was sent by the Eastern Theatre Command of China's People's Liberation Army.

"The central government of China will never allow a few violent offenders to drag Hong Kong down a unsafe road, down a risky abyss", he added.

"We condemn violence and urge all sides to exercise restraint, but remain staunch in our support for freedom of expression and freedom of peaceful assembly in Hong Kong", a spokesperson from State A spokesperson for State declared.

A military intervention by Beijing with extremely heavy costs.

"The U.S. denied on many occasions its involvement in the ongoing violent incidents in Hong Kong". In remarks to reporters Tuesday, Trump, who last week took a hands-off stance on the protests, said the Hong Kong situation "is a very tough situation, very tough".

In recent weeks the Chinese state media has also drummed up campaigns around the nation's flag, after protesters cut one down and threw it in Hong Kong harbour - an act that would incur jail time on the mainland. A CNN camera crew on Wednesday filmed a convoy of Chinese military personnel assembling into a stadium located only miles away from Hong Kong.

Beijing's condemnations of what it calls a small group of foreign-backed "black hands" and "extreme radicals" waging "terrorism" laid the groundwork for justifying such an emergency. Or at a minimum at least empower Hong Kong authorities to do that.

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On Monday, Hogg threatened employees with "disciplinary consequences" if they took part in "illegal protests'".

The paper said the vehicles belonged to the People's Armed Police and had gathered for "apparent-large scale exercises".

If some protesters did stand up against Chinese troops and were injured or killed, China's leaders would be condemned for waging another crackdown along the lines of the 1989 Tiananmen Square crushing of pro-democracy protests.

"Domestically, the recent social incidents have hit the retail trade, restaurants and tourism, adding a further blow to an already-weak economy, and also affected the worldwide image of Hong Kong", the government said in the release, referring to the extradition bill-related protests that have rocked Hong Kong since early June.

"I know President Xi of China very well". The agreement is meant to guarantee the territory's right to its own laws, police force and judiciary.

China's ambassador to London, Liu Xiaoming, said Thursday that Beijing would not "sit by and watch", warning that his government had "enough solutions and enough power to quell the unrest swiftly".

Hong Kong's flagship carrier said ticket sales fell in July as fewer people travelled into the city.

Washington and Beijing have imposed tariffs on $360 billion in two-way trade, but Trump has delayed tariffs on electronic goods from China, giving investors hope for a detente in the trade conflict.

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"Hong Kong is part of China".

LIHKG, a Chinese version of social media platform Reddit, saw mounting discussions about the proposed Hong Kong bank run.

Graph shows which demands and issues matter most to protesters in the span of weeks of demonstrations in Hong Kong.

Some business and citizens' groups have posted newspaper advertisements backing Hong Kong's government.

"We have more than two months of movement already". He said he didn't want to get "mixed up in the political situation". Of course sometimes maybe protesters do something that is not favored by the public. "Based on the latest developments and assessments on the outlook, the Hong Kong economy will continue to face an austere environment for the rest of the year".

So far, the Hong Kong government has not indicated it is receptive to such talks.

Most cited fears that a controversial extradition bill would cause Hong Kong to lose its autonomy from the Chinese regime.

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