EPSTEIN'S TIMELY DEMISE: Autopsy, sources add fuel to murder theories


Esptein's autopsy sparks new wave of questions

An autopsy of disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein found broken bones in his neck, USA media reported on Thursday, as New York's medical examiner said the cause of death required further study.

The experts said the hyoid fractures in suicides are more common in older men.

Jennifer Araoz alleged in an op-ed for the New York Times that Maxwell and the other defendants helped Epstein lure her to his mansion when she was a 15-year-old high school freshman under the guise that he would help her career and family. Court documents allege Maxwell, who is the daughter of the late, disgraced publishing tycoon Robert Maxwell, also participated in threesomes with Epstein and underage girls, according to multiple women who have come forward in the case.

More information was expected from the Medical Examiner.

The cause of her death was recorded as a heroin overdose. He said it's important not to jump to conclusions.

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The manner in which Epstein killed himself has not been announced publicly by government officials.

"Everything must be consistent; no single finding can be evaluated in a vacuum", it added, saying the case of death was "pending further study".

U.S. President Donald Trump continued to fan the flames of the raging wildfire of conspiracy theories online.

ABC News has previously reported the staff failed to follow protocol that requires welfare checks every 30 minutes.

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The Federal Bureau of Prisons, which runs the Metropolitan Correctional Centre in lower Manhattan where Epstein was jailed, said there had not been an inmate suicide there since 2006.

Arden was not involved in Epstein's autopsy. That investigation can include analysis of the location of the noose, how narrow the noose is, and if the body experienced any substantial drop in the course of the hanging. It also said its suicide rate is lower than that for the overall US population. The hyoid bone is near the Adam's apple.

The warden of the MCC is being moved temporarily as the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Justice Department's inspector general investigate the circumstances of Epstein's death, the Justice Department said Tuesday.

The injuries can occur to people who hang themselves or who are strangled, the newspaper reported, citing unidentified sources familiar with the autopsy results.

But on Saturday at 6.30am he was discovered dead from an apparent hanging.

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