Do you know smartphone charging cable can steal your data too?

Modified Lightning Cable Gives Hackers Access To Your Apple Devices

Fake Lightning cable can take control of your computer

MG however now wants to get the cables produced as a legitimate security tool. The security researcher says that he can implant the component in any USB cable but "Apple just happens to be the most hard to implant, so it was a good proof of capabilities".

MG demonstrated the hack to Motherboard at the Def Con hacking conference last week and showed off how he was able to remotely hijack a connected Mac and execute any number of commands.

However, when the cable is plugged into a target computer, even though it behaves as a typical cable does (charging the attached iPhone, allowing it to sync, etc.), it also allows nearby hackers to connect to the machine to run commands. A hacker who goes by pseudonym MG claims to have developed a Wi-Fi assembly implant to make a Lightning cable capable of hacking computers. However, the wireless implant within the cable allows an attacker with 300ft, according to MG, to access it.

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Further, hackers can control a computer connected to one of these cables from up to 300 feet away.

MG imagines the cable could be swapped in for a target's legitimate cable or gifted to someone because it looks exactly like an Apple cable, complete with accurate packaging. "And if that wireless network has an internet connection, the distance basically becomes unlimited", he said.

O.MG cables are being sold for $200. "In the end, I was able to create 100 percent of the implant in my kitchen and then integrate it into a cable". But once done, the cable has a WiFi range of 300ft and has a kill switch in it to erase the hacker's presence once they're done with their malicious PC prodding.

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MG wrote: "There has been a lot of interest and support behind this project, and lots of requests on how to acquire a cable".

"These are what I consider to be educational grade and not something capable of field use". The researcher adds that the O.MG cable, which is a modified version of Apple Lightning cables, looks so much like the original one that it's hard to spot the difference.

Although this exercise was focused on an Apple product, "MG" warns that Wi-Fi-enabled implants are small enough to be used in accessories issued from other virtually every other smartphone brand. He will make these cables from scratch rather than using Apple lightning cables. MG told TechCrunch: "Most people know not to plug in random flash drives these days, but they aren't expecting a cable to be a threat".

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'Suddenly we now have victim-deployed hardware that may not be noticed for much longer periods of time, ' he added.

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