Dave Chappelle's Sticks & Stones Trailer Teases New Netflix Comedy Special

Dave Chappelle

Dave Chappelle Sets Fifth Netflix Special, Releases Trailer (Watch)

Is this just standard marketing hype, or is Chappelle really planning to go buck wild with this new round of material?

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"This is Dave", says Morgan Freeman in the one-minute trailer released Thursday to hype Dave Chappelle's new Netflix stand-up "comedy event". August 26, the streaming service has announced. If you're wondering how we got to five Chappelle specials, you'd be forgiven. How did Dave get here?

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Unfortunately, his perspective wasn't always as favored. In 2005, the comedian walked away from a $55 million deal with Comedy Central by leaving his series The Chappelle Show at the height of its success. His sudden departure was shrouded in gossip and judgement, but his eventual return was a welcome one.

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Chappelle's previous specials on the streamer, which came out in late 2017, heralded his explosion back onto the national stage after an extended hiatus. Chris Rock eventually joined him on the scene to agree. However, the four moments reached Netflix subscribers in Dave's first special since the acclaimed Killin' Them Softly in 2000. But as expected, that approach to comedy can ruffle some feathers: in the aforementioned award-winning special Equanimity, Chappelle made several jokes about transgender people that many found offensive, earning him lots of negative press at the time. He also had a co-starring role in Bradley Cooper's Oscar-winning A Star Is Born a year ago. This comes direct from Netflix streaming Youtube channel.

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