Fortnite World Cup champ gets 'swatted' during live Twitch stream

IMG Tfue Twitch  Epic Games

IMG Tfue Twitch Epic Games

It's been close to two weeks since 16-year-old Kyle "Bugha" Giersdorf won $3 million and the title of best solo Fortnite player at the World Cup Finals in July. In the case of Giersdorf, a person or persons reported a crime at his house, thus causing armed police to show up at his front door.

Kyle "Bugha" Giersdorf recently made headlines for winning the top prize in a big tournament based on the popular video game. "Did he just leave, mid-game?" his teammate says in a video of the moment, which was captured because Giersdorf was streaming on Twitch when the police arrived.

Burga adds that he was lucky, as apparently one of the officers on call for the incident lived in his local neighbourhood and recognised him.

During a livestream on Saturday night, "Bugha" disappeared for 10 minutes after being heard having a conversation with his father, saying "I've been swatted".

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Not all swatting victims are so fortunate, as U.S. police are heavily armed, increasingly all-out militarized, and often all too willing to fire.

"I've been swatted", Bugha said on the live stream. which, BTW, is a dumb trend when someone makes a fake claim on a 911 call to get law enforcement to crash an unsuspecting victim's home.

'They come in with guns, bro, ' the gamer continues, sounding shaken.

Werner said that police believe that the call came from Europe.

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"I got swatted", Giersdorf said in the clip.

Not only does swatting waste the resources of emergency services, it can and has resulted in serious injury and death. "They literally pulled up", he said.

"The internet is fucking insane", said Giersdorf.

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