Fingerprint verification rolling out to a number of Google websites on Android

Logging into some Google services on Android is now as easy as unlocking your phone

You can now log into a Google account with your phone's fingerprint sensor

Just two weeks after the global launch of its Titan FIDO security key, Google has announced that it will be offering users of its Chrome Password Manager to authenticate their desktop logins using their Android phone. Last year Chrome for Android picked up the Web Authentication API and CTAP support, and later snagged fingerprint-based authentication.

The authentication methods now available will largely mirror the options you have when unlocking your phone.

As mentioned, Pixel owners have access to this starting right now.

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According to a Google help page, the feature also allows you to log in using whichever method you have set up to unlock your phone, which can include pins and pattern unlock.

Goodbye passwords: Android is now FIDO2 certified FIDO2 certification is paving the way for passwordless mobile security. Glad you asked. You won't have to worry about having to remember a password when signing onto certain Google services sites on the web. Google's servers do receive proof that you correctly scanned your fingerprint via a message that is disguised using cryptography.

Testing the feature on a Pixel 3a running Android Q DP6. The authentication happens on-device, only a key demonstrating the validity of your fingerprint is sent online. The password manager site gives you access to all the account credentials saved in Chrome and Android autofill.

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Throughout all of modern computing history, passwords have been the primary method of securing data.

Google is keen to big up that this is just the beginning: "This new capability marks another step on our journey to making authentication safer and easier for everyone to use". But unless you use a password manager (something we'd strongly recommend) or have a superb memory, remembering those passwords can get a tad hard. The feature will roll out to all Android phones running version 7 (Nougat) or higher.

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