Warning issued for Apple's 1.4 billion iPad and iPhone users

Article Image Apple is Reportedly Paying $1M to Anyone Who Can Hack an iPhone

Apple's Reportedly Going To Pay $1 Million To Whoever Can Hack An iPhone

Just days after Face ID was hacked and the company's "user-hostile" iPhone battery practices were exposed, an extraordinary story of Apple neglect has resulted in a warning every iPhone and iPad user needs to know about. The flaw puts over a billion iPhone and iPad users at risk.

Security firm Check Point has disclosed a major vulnerability in SQLite databases that allow hackers to inject malicious code into devices and then carry out whatever actions on the device they want, reports AppleInsider. They exploited the SQLite vulnerability as well as a known bug for four years to manipulate the Apple Contacts app. "Windows 10, macOS, iOS, Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Android are popular users of SQLite".

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"Wait, what? How come a four-year-old bug has never been fixed?", the researchers write, channeling everyone's thought process.

This time, company officials go even further, providing reputable security experts with modified iPhone kits, with some of the iOS security systems already deactivated, in order to allow easier investigation of hard bugs.to be tested under normal conditions of use. "However, SQLite usage is so versatile that we can actually still trigger it in many scenarios". Allegedly, it'll be announced later this week, at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas, that Apple will be giving these "security researchers" special iPhones that will make it easier for them to find faults in the smartphone. The bug could be triggered only by an unknown app accessing the database.

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With people growing more concerned about their digital privacy and how secure their personal data is, Apple is putting its money where its mouth is when it comes to protecting its customers from hackers. Principal security researcher at Jamf - who's found more than a few issues within the macOS - has said that "if you're a large, well-resourced company such as Apple, who claims to place a premium on security, having a bug-bounty program is a no brainer".

On a related note, previously this year, a researcher found an exploit that might permit bad actors to get passwords from system keychains and login without needing admin privileges.

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