How to Watch the 2019 Perseid Meteor Shower Live Online

Perseid meteor shower 2019 How to see the best meteor shower of the year

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The comet Swift-Tuttle orbits the sun once every 133 years, so every August, the Earth passes through the comet's debris field. They create the largest number of meteors every year but not all of these meteors are visible.

The meteors themselves are traveling at 132,000 miles per hour, which creates their vivid streaks of light. The popular meteor shower has been underway since mid-July, and on Monday night the celestial spectacle will reach its peak.

While activity from the meteor shower can be spotted for more than a month, the peak is considered one of the brightest and most reliable annual events.

August 12 midnight to the next early morning of August 13.

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In case you live in a city and going out late at night is not a possibility, NASA also has a live stream for the Perseids meteor shower. The almost full moon will wash out fainter meteors, but the fireballs and brighter streaks will still be visible.

To watch 2019 Perseid meteor shower from India, pick the time between 2 AM and dawn.

In case you aren't already aware, Perseids are an annual meteor shower that are known for being lush and lovely.

If you're unwilling to set your alarm along with the fearless and bleary-eyed celestial enthusiasts, it should be possible to catch a glimpse of the Perseid meteor shower once darkness falls.

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"On the night of the peak (August 12-13) you will only have a scant few minutes of dark sky between moon set and twilight - not much time to see Perseids", said the space agency, in its blog post. The Watch began on August 6 and will continue until August 19.

Weather permitting, NASA plans to livestream the meteor shower from a camera in Huntsville, Alabama, beginning at about 8 p.m. on the NASA Meteor Watch Facebook page.

As NASA explains, Meteor showers take their name from the location of the radiant.

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