Police Chief Addresses Officers Leading Black Man Behind Horse with Rope

Police Chief Addresses Officers Leading Black Man Behind Horse with Rope

TX Police Apologize For Leading Black Suspect Down Street With Rope

Police issued a statement over the photo - confirming the horse mounted officers had "clipped" a "line" to the man's handcuffs. According to the police, there were no other means of transport available, but the matter is now being investigated.

In a statement Monday, Police Chief Vernon Hale said, "this is a trained technique and best practice in some scenarios", such as with crowd control.

His family hired an attorney and believes the Galveston Police Department needs to make changes.

Officers had arrested Donald Neely for allegedly committing criminal trespass after warning him not to trespass on that specific location.

"This is not 1819". Imagine that YOU are aware that living on the streets is unsafe, unsanitary, makes you a target for crime/law enforcement and isolates you from your family but YOU CAN'T make that relative understand that despite your many efforts.

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Mr Neely's lawyer, Melissa Morris, told Checkpoint legal action may follow and that the image of Mr Neely invoked an image of slavery.

"This is the behavior in 2019 that we have to deal with".

So, they were just... lazy?

The department says they understand the negative perception of the action and believe it is most appropriate to stop the use of the technique.

The department has also revealed that both officers did have their body-worn camera activated throughout the arrest.

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"Public humiliation-dragging somebody on a horse by a rope", said Christopher Parrish, a homeless man who says he used to eat meals with Neely at Christus Our Daily Bread-a homeless outreach center. "It's inhumane and humiliating", said brother Andy Neely to a local TV station. He suffers from bipolar disorder and is not taking medication to treat it, Morris said. Because he is such a familiar figure with the police, they should have known his history of mental illness.

Chief Vernon Hale apologized to Neely in a Facebook post on Monday night.

Twitter/Adrienne BelllAnother photo of the officers leading Donald Neely.

A picture that is making its way around social media has the Galveston Police Department answering questions.

We have verified with law enforcement officials in Galveston, that the photograph taken in Galveston is real.

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Texas police possess apologised after an image of two white officers on horseback main a handcuffed dusky man by a rope brought about an outcry online.

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