British Airways flight evacuated after filling with smoke

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British Airways flight emergency as smoke fills cabin with passengers 'terrified'

Passengers onboard a British Airways (BA) Airbus A321 safely evacuated the aircraft via emergency slides August 5 after smoke filled the cabin on its landing approach in Spain.

"The plane left Heathrow Airport earlier today and Valencia, Spain, was always its intended destination, it's believed".

The incident occurred at 7 pm on Monday evening, when the BA plane had landed at the airport and the cabin filled with smoke as soon as it touched ground, and the reasons for which are still unknown.

"We will await the accident report, but this looks to have been a very well-managed emergency situation, and overall a good outcome", it said.

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Videos posted online showed the smoky cabin during the brief emergency, while other clips depicted passengers evacuating the aircraft. This is actually quite common, CNN reported, since oxygen masks are triggered by a loss of pressure, and not smoke, in the cabin.

Three passengers were taken to hospital and have since been discharged, the airline added.

Travellers on flight BA422 complained of difficulty breathing as the cabin smoked up on approach to land at Valencia airport.

Several passengers, including Lucy Brown and Dani Meroño, complained on social media that no one from British Airways said anything about the incident or explained how to evacuate.

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Describing the scene, she said: "It was very scary".

The airline also apologised to the 175 passengers on board the aircraft, an Airbus A321.

"There were no communications from the crew, who started to wear full oxygen masks and protective fire wear".

She said groups of people were later told they could go and collect items from the plane.

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