Riot police clash again with protesters in Hong Kong

Hong Kong: Banned pro-independence party chief arrested

Pompeo Refutes Chinese Claims of US Involvement in HK Protests as ‘Ludicrous’

On one end of a Hong Kong street, protesters dressed in black ducked behind umbrellas and makeshift barricades, occasionally throwing bricks or slinging rocks.

As the late hours of Saturday stretched into the early hours of Sunday, neither side budged.

Hong Kong has witnessed eight consecutive weekends of huge rallies - often followed by violent clashes between police and small groups of hardcore protesters.

Hong Kong' leader Carrie Lam responded to protests in mid-June by suspending the bill, and she has since called the legislation "dead".

As demonstrators refused to disperse, with some cutting power lines to traffic lights and lighting a fire on the steps of a police station, CNN reported that riot police had been deployed near the Mong Kok station at 8:45 p.m. local time.

Anger towards the police is at record levels with officers increasingly derided in chants as Beijing's enforcers - although police deny using excessive force and say they are facing increasingly hardcore protesters. At another, protesters yelled: "Police know the law and break the law!" "We requested the Hong Kong police to conduct a fair investigation", said an official of the South Korean Consulate General in Hong Kong.

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"I feel so hurt", said Zarine Chau, a 56-year-old security guard who was at the pro-democracy march. Any demonstrations that are not pre-approved will be "cleared out" as unlawful assemblies, police said.

"Why doesn't the government answer to us?" "Our long term efforts to sustain that separate quality of Hong Kong life that had been maintained before 1997 so long as the next fifty years", Douglas H. Paal, Distinguished Fellow, Carnegie Endowment of International Peace said.

An undercurrent of fear toward the Communist Party has propelled the almost two months of protests.

Protesters also removed a Chinese national flag from a pole and flung it into the Victoria Harbour. "Those who don't support Hong Kong independence will have no choice but to become Chinese".

"Civil servants have the most power in Hong Kong to put pressure on the government".

The instability caused real estate values and stock market shares to plummet, as nervous investors shifted some HK$800 million out of Hong Kong.

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A similar act a few weeks ago infuriated authorities in Beijing.

A mob of pro-government thugs also attacked demonstrators, putting 45 people in hospital.

The comments are one of the vital direct accusations Beijing has to this point made of USA interference in Hong Kong politics and comply with months of speculation inside China that Western forces have had a hand within the movement.

As pro-democracy, anti-government protesters gather in Mong Kok, the atmosphere is light. Several drivers yelled words of encouragement from the inside of passing cars even as they struggled to make their way through the crowded street. They also blocked a tunnel and surrounded police stations where non-emergency services were suspended. Many had mixed feelings about the movement.

Protesters, their faces covered with masks or bandanas and wearing helmets and goggles, have adopted increasingly sophisticated tactics. "The atmosphere here is becoming more and more uncomfortable". "We will continue to support the police and the authorities to implement rule of law here".

More than 40 activists appeared in court on Wednesday, charged with rioting after protests last Sunday turned violent. Others threw bricks at and spray painted inflammatory language on the outer walls of a police station, then smashed the windows of a vehicle parked in its lot.

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