Marvel announces fourth Thor movie; Hemsworth and Portman in lead

'Thor 4' Officially in the Works, Director Taika Waititi Confirms

Announced at SDCC: 'Thor: Love and Thunder' Coming From Marvel in November 2021

There was "only one person who could play that role": Natalie Portman, who is returning after starring in the previous installments. Though with Taika Waititi returning for Thor 4, it looks like an appearance could be on the cards. Waititi announced that Portman's Jane Foster will get to adapt a version of the Lady Thor arc recently seen in Marvel Comics.

The Thor crew announced that the release date for the upcoming film will be November 5, 2021. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige closed out an epic presentation Saturday at Comic-Con with the news.

The universe announced a whole slew of new projects and superhero movies as part of its Phase Four.

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Despite the fact that her character, Jane Foster, becomes a superhero in the comic book series, some fans are angry that Marvel decided to make Thor a woman.

Since then, Marvel Studios executives have promised at least two queer characters would be coming to the MCU. But nobody could have guessed how she would return. When she transformed into the Goddess of Thunder she became near-invincible - but the process interfered with her chemotherapy, leaving her ever-weaker when she resumed her human form.

"There's nothing more powerful in the world than love and thunder", Waititi said, giving the newly revealed title a little bit of context.

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Thor was last seen in Avengers: Endgame in April and he was seen joining his MCU allies the Guardians of The Galaxy, appointing Valkyrie as the new ruler of Asgard.

We first speculated this could be the case way back in April, when Thompson first revealed that Waititi would come back.

From what we remember, in Thor: Ragnarok, as Thor and Loki reached the earth to search for their father, Odin, they did run into people who claimed how Thor and Jane broke up. Have your say in the comments section down below. Don't worry, we're talking about comic books.

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