Berkeley plans to remove gendered pronouns from its municipal code

Hey Bigot Saying 'Pregnant Woman' Is No Bueno As The City Of Berkeley Continues To Bastardize Language

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The city clerk's office consulted with the publisher of Berkeley's municipal code to identify several instances where gendered pronouns should be changed to positions or gender-neutral pronouns, as well as professions whose titles were masculine.

And a recent move by the city of Berkeley shows it may be catching the fever.

The city is removing gender-specific words in its municipal code.

Over two dozen commonly used expressions will be changed under the new guidelines, which will replace the previous municipal code that predominantly used "he" (which has now been replaced with "they").

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They came up with an extensive list of changes the city could implement to make their language more inclusive.

"The vote was on Tuesday and the idea was introduced by 23-year-old city council member Rigel Robinson".

"Manpower" will be replaced with "human effort" or "workforce", and the city will no longer refer to "maiden" names - these will be "family names".

Critics of Berkeley's measure have voiced disdain towards Robson and others insisting their time could be better spent on what they deem "more important" or urgent topics. For example, if an attorney is mentioned, they will always be referred to as "the attorney" - not a gender pronoun such as him or her.

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Justifying the vernacular overhaul, a memo for the motion explains: 'In recent years, broadening societal awareness of transgender and gender-nonconforming identities has brought to light the importance of non-binary gender inclusivity.

"There's power in language", Robinson added to the network.

'Therefore, it is both timely and necessary to make the environment of City Hall and the language of city legislation consistent with the principles of inclusion'. "Manhole" will now be "maintenance hole".

California already allows people to select a nonbinary option for birth certificates and their driver's licenses.

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City officials said the cost of the changes is $600.

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