Partial moon eclipse in Bratislava

Watch a lunar eclipse live to celebrate Apollo 11 launch day

Tonight’s lunar eclipse coincides with Guru Purnima, Apollo 11 launch date

The Apollo 11 mission blasted off from Florida on July 16, 1969 and saw the first humans touch down on the lunar surface. North America will miss out on the view except for its most eastern points, like Nantucket, parts of ME and Nova Scotia.

The partial lunar eclipse 2019 can be witnessed in regions of Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and South America.

For those in the northern hemisphere, the full moon remains low to the horizon at this time of year.

The rare "Half-Blood Thunder Moon" eclipse was a sight to behold: 65 percent of the Moon's face was bathed in red, courtesy of the refracted light more commonly known for colouring the sunset.

Unfortunately, North America will not be able to see the eclipse as it occurs during the daytime with the moon below the horizon.

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There might not be too much to see when a black moon rises, but the good news is the surrounding skies will be clear and excellent for stargazing. The Earth's umbra at the Moon's distance is about three times the Moon's apparent size.

And the red moon was also seen rising over the London skyline, towering above the capital's landmarks including the Shard.

During a partial eclipse, some - but not all - of the moon passes through the darkest area of the Earth's shadow. Finally, the penumbral lunar eclipse will end at 5.47 am. The eclipse will begin shortly after midnight on Wednesday, July 17 and will end just before 6 am.

The whole of this eclipse is not visible from Dunedin; maximum eclipse takes place at 9.30am, which is about an hour after the moon has set.

Full moons are generally referred to as blood moons due to their coppery red tint during a full eclipse so a partial lunar eclipse is a half-blood moon. The little sunlight passing through the earth's atmosphere will light up the moon, turning it a shade red.

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The last total lunar eclipse - sometimes known as a "super blood wolf moon" - was visible in the United Kingdom in January.

Starting 6.01am (AEST) tomorrow, a section of the Moon's right-hand side will disappear from view.

Unlike a solar eclipse, it's entirely safe to watch a lunar eclipse with the naked eye.

"The earth illuminated by the sun casts a shadow into space like a sunshade", explained the Association of Friends of the Stars (Vereinigung der Sternenfreunde) in Heppenheim, Hesse.

They are offering people the chance to use telescopes powerful enough to see the mountains inside the craters of the moon, as well as close-up views of Jupiter and Saturn.

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