Local events to celebrate Apollo 11 moon landing anniversary

The Cost Of The Apollo Programme Is Increasing

Apollo 11 moon landing inspired Western astronomer to shoot for the stars

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Trump may want NASA officials to publicly emphasize the goal of putting an astronaut on the moon, but Space Policy Directive 1, which the president signed shortly after taking office, calls on NASA to first return to the moon. Archival footage will be displayed to recreate the launch of Apollo 11 and tell the story of the first moon landing.

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine said July 15 that, as NASA presses ahead with plans to return humans to the moon by 2024, he will not rule out a first human mission to Mars as soon as 2033. From the moon, he said those famous words: "That's one small step for man".

Fifty years ago, the Apollo 11 mission set off to accomplish mankind's greatest achievement.

Technology is to project a full-size image of the Saturn V moon rocket on the Washington Monument after dark. The rocket was 363 feet tall and weighted 6.4 million pounds.

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But for flight director Gene Kranz the mission is personal. Buzz Aldrin was an unexplained no-show.

Nineteen minutes later, it was Aldrin's turn to take his first steps. When asked who they would video call from the Moon with their smartphones if they had the opportunity, 56 per cent of those surveyed said they would video call their spouse or partner.

There's just one minor problem with that: the footprints were left by the astronauts' "lunar overshoes" which were left behind (along with a host of other equipment) on the lunar surface.

"They knew, I knew, if they couldn't get off for some reason there was nothing I could do about it", he told reporters in NY in May as part of a series of events. Although hard to make out from this far away, South America is the prominent continent here.

Aldrin eventually joined Armstrong on the moon's surface, where photos were taken and the men spoke with then-President Richard Nixon through central command in Houston, according to The History Channel.

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The entry-level lunar conspiracy theory concerns the USA flag which appeared to flap in the non-existent lunar breeze and also move around in the footage captured by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin (or Stanley Kubrick, but we'll get to that one in a minute). You can see Earth rising up behind. The panorama was assembled by Mike Constantine.

"Apollo 11. was serious business".

Collins says he wishes Aldrin and Armstrong could have shared the moment Tuesday at the pad.

Astronauts await pickup from their life raft.

The astronauts on board Apollo 11 carried multiple film cameras with them, including two 16mm cameras and several 70mm Hasselblad 500s.

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The astronauts in quarantine.

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