Biden plans to unveil health plan Monday, sharpening fight among Democrats

NBC/WSJ poll: Trump trails Biden, Warren and Sanders

NBC/WSJ Poll Shows Trump Trailing Multiple Democratic Candidates in Head-to-Head Matchups

"At the end of the day, you've either got to be on the side of the people or the side of the health insurance companies". President Trump and his allies are looking to counter with attacks casting Medicare-for-all as a scary takeover of the health-care system that would be detrimental to many Americans, a line of attack that worries some Democrats.

Biden, who leads the crowded pack in state and national polls and is running heavily on the Obama record, faces particular pressure.

If elected, Biden would seek to implement his plan through a combination of executive action and legislative reform. Now, after Sanders' insurgent 2016 presidential bid and his promise of "health care as a human right", the left has embraced single-payer, with moderates moving to the public option.

Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet greeted Biden's proposal with a reminder that he's been pushing a public option on Capitol Hill.

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Fifty-four percent of Democratic primary voters say they prefer a nominee who proposes larger-scale policies that might cost more and be harder to pass - but could still result in major change. He urged his Senate colleagues, including Sanders, Harris and Elizabeth Warren of MA, to "reconsider their Medicare for All approach". Too many people are at risk, he warned, to go through another lengthy debate about overhauling the system.

He released a proposal Monday to add a "public option" to the 2010 health care overhaul, with expanded coverage paid for by tax increases on the wealthiest Americans. He said it's going to end all private insurance.

Biden portrayed White House rivals led by U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, who back a single-payer plan that eliminates private insurance, as a threat to former President Barack Obama's signature healthcare law, known as Obamacare.

Sanders, meanwhile, hit back at Biden, clarifying that his plan would be a net financial benefit for most households: Their federal taxes would go up, but their private insurance premiums, deductibles and co-pays would be eliminated. Some candidates have tried to walk a fine line, endorsing Sanders's plan while trying to avoid alienating Americans who want the option of keeping their insurance. "If in fact you have private insurance, you can keep it".

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"I appreciate that President Obama has said recently that Medicare for All is a good idea", Sanders tweeted including a video of President Obama on the campaign trail in 2018 advocating for Medicare for All.

Over the weekend the Sanders campaign told the New York Times Sanders intends to "confront the Democratic opponents of Medicare for All" in a speech Wednesday. He added, "It is preposterous to argue that as we expand Medicare-for-all that people with cancer and other illnesses will not get the care that they need".

The former vice president announced the plan in a campaign video, in which he said "we should be building from what we have" instead of starting over with a new model.

When it comes to the Affordable Care Act, 46 percent of the public hold favorable views of the law while 40 percent hold unfavorable views, a major improvement from several years ago, according to a recent Kaiser Family Foundation poll.

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