ISRO chief Sivan prays at Tirumala temple for Chandrayaan 2 success

India set to launch Moon rover and orbiter

This Weekend, India Is Launching Its First-Ever Moon Lander

India's second Moon mission, Chandrayaan-2, has evoked great interest in Western media and scientific journals, with many saying the mission that costs less than half of the budget of Hollywood blockbuster "Avengers Endgame" will put India in league with lunar pioneers - the US, Russia and China.

Taking to Twitter, ISRO said that the Chandrayaan 2 will be launched from the launch pad at Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh at 2.51 am (IST) on July 15.

The original nickname for the 640-tonne GSLV Mk III rocket is "Fatboy".

The mission, Chandrayaan-2, which means "moon vehicle" in Sanskrit, will send a rover to collect samples from the surface of the moon and monitor seismic activity. The lander will land on the moon and will set the rover.

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The lander has been named "Vikram" after Vikram Sarabhai. India's second lunar mission will land on a completely unexplored part of the moon, near the South pole.

Why is this mission called Chandrayaan-2?

A series of orbit raising burns of its liquid engine will raise its orbit until it reaches a lunar transfer trajectory, where its orbit will bring it close enough to the Moon to be captured by lunar gravity. "After the successful launch, it will take two months to go and land on the moon near South Pole". After launch into earth bound orbit by GSLV MK-III, the integrated module will reach Moon orbit using Orbiter propulsion module. The lander will carry a camera, a seismometer, a thermal instrument and a NASA-supplied laser retroreflector that will help calculate the distance between the Earth and the moon. After four more days, the lander will land in a hard manoeuvre that lasts 15 minutes.

Chandrayaan-2 will build on the work of its predecessor orbital mission Chandrayaan-1, which is most famous for helping to discover molecules of water on the moon a decade ago.

Efforts in order to Encourage New Generation - ISRO ISRO said: Chandrayaan-2 is an effort, to further enhance the knowledge of space as well as to encourage the new era of scientists. It will travel to where no country has ever gone before - Moon's South Pole.

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The first landing pictures may be available within 15 minutes of the lander touching down. Russian Federation was going to build the lander and India would develop the orbiter and rover. And Mangalyaan's payload was 15 kg, while Maven could carry 65 kg with more sophisticated instruments. It is also 50 years after the USA sent the first man to the moon-Neil Armstrong. Imaging of rock will be done to find elements like magnesium, calcium and iron and also for signs of water.

Chandrayaan-1 (2008) and the Mars orbiter (2014) tested India's ability for precise deep-space navigation.

"It (south pole of the moon) has those permanently shadowed crater locations wherein the possibility of substantial presence of water, as you know like, maybe water bearing minerals, perhaps sub-surface water ice, all of these - for which we have got various glimpses from the orbiter missions in the last few years".

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