Ryan Meinerding on Developing Mysterio's Look in 'Spider-Man: Far From Home'

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Spider-Man In Trouble At Marvel; Needs To Hit A Billion Dollars

The writers of Spider-Man: Far From Home have detailed their original idea for the movie's concluding reveal, which - despite achieving similar final goals - would have been quite a different, more down-beat ending for the webslinger's second solo outing in the MCU.

Tom Holland just starred as Peter Parker for the fifth time in "Spider-Man: Far From Home", but how many more times can we expect him to stick around as the wall-crawler? Interestingly enough, $211 million of that sum goes to the film's domestic haul, placing the movie above Spider-Man:Into the Spider-verse which only made $190 million at the domestic box office during its entire theatrical release.

The other, drops a massive hint about what may be next for Marvel as a whole.

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The reality for the trilogy-ender that saw Raimi leave the Spider-Universe on rather a down-note, is that it's far from as disastrous as you might think it is.

Peter takes MJ on a ride around town, via web-swinging, when edited footage sent to a news site is then broadcast over New York City. Audiences were introduced to a Spider-Man who already had his powers, had already (presumably) lost his Uncle Ben, and had already learned about great power and great responsibility.

While Peter is reeling from this, Jonah Jameson (who fans may remember as editor of The Daily Bugle in Toby Maguire's days as Spider-Man) appears. After saving the world and getting the girl, Spider-Man is framed for Mysterio's crimes in a video obtained by website The Daily Bugle, and in the video Mysterio himself not only lies that Spider-Man is behind the attacks but reveals his secret identity.

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Talos calls Fury, telling him he should consider returning to Earth to get back to S.H.I.E.L.D. business.

Could this mean the MCU is set to continue from an intergalactic location, at least for the time being?

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