New Apple Mac Update Removes Vulnerable Zoom Component

Security Vulnerability in Video Conferencing App Zoom Allows Websites to Hack Into your Mac’s Camera

Apple quietly updates Macs to remove Zoom webcam exploit

Now, it seems like Zoom has also been the victim of a severe issue with their video-conferencing software.

Over four million users across 750,000 companies use Zoom for video conferencing around the world. This update has been rolled out automatically, that means users doesn't have to manually apply it in order for it to take effect. Before Zoom's emergency update, uninstalling the app left the web server on your computer - so Zoom wouldn't have a way to uninstall it with an updated app.

Despite the mishandling of the incident, Zoom's share price has continued to rise throughout the week, sitting at $92.72 a share at the time of writing, up 2% on the day.

Yesterday, video conferencing service Zoom released an update for its Mac client, removing the controversial web server functionality that opened up the possibility of someone launching a video call on user's computer without permission.

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Leitschuh even chose to release a proof-of-concept page that showcased the vulnerability.

Leitschuh said he had reported his findings to Zoom back in March with a proposed quick-fix solution, but the company did not implement it until late last month. According to Zoom, updating your client will now not just fix the issue, but eradicate the local web server.

Zoom has now released a patch update to the app, which should prevent hackers from accessing your webcam.

We consciously enabled the ability to have meeting joins initiated from within an iframe on a webpage. "We have taken steps to improve our process for receiving, escalating, and closing the loop on all future security-related concerns".

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"Since the Zoom customer UI keeps running in the forefront upon dispatch, it would be promptly obvious to the client that they had unexpectedly joined a gathering and they could change their video settings or leave quickly", composed Farley.

Zoom is also widely used in schools, with the company offering a product tailored for K-12 use. This happened regardless of whether the Mac user was using Safari, Chrome or Firefox.

The undocumented server remained installed on users' devices even after Zoom was uninstalled, allowing the app to be re-installed again without their knowledge. "Zoom made a decision to remove the web server based on feedback from the security community and our users", it said.

The company took matters into its own hands by issuing a quiet update on Mac.

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