Apple will launch notchless iPhone in 2020

Apple iPhone 11 concept renders

Kuo: 2020 iPhones will have a smaller notch

The one quirk to an otherwise believable report is the fact that the Credit Suisse claims that Apple is killing off Face ID.

One of the most distinctive features of the newest iPhones is the top notch that houses the camera and upper speaker - both the iPhone X and iPhone XS have it, even though many other modern smartphones have come up with more modern solutions, or use smaller notches.

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The analyst further believes that in 2021, Tim Cook-led company will launch three iPhones and none of them would feature a notch. In its place, the device will feature an under-screen front camera and full-screen acoustic fingerprint authentication that could work anywhere on the iPhone's display.

Last week, another report suggested that Apple would launch a new iPhone with an under-the-screen fingerprint scanner, but only in the Chinese market, as the technology would reportedly cost less than the components required for Face ID. A notch-less iPhone may be coming, but the company probably won't sacrifice Face ID or an edge-to-edge display to add it. Rumor has it Apple will have three OLED models in 2020, with 6.7-inch, 5.4-inch, and 6.1-inch displays. Kuo said that Apple will be reducing the camera-array size in the notch to give more usable area for viewing. Instead, the note suggests only one of the iPhone 12R, iPhone 12, and iPhone 12 Max, will have no notch, and the rest will follow suit with the iPhone 13 range in 2021.

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Apple changed how phones were designed when it released the iPhone X in 2017 and introduced the world to the notched displays. This will not only help Apple reduce the price of India's iPhone but also to avoid becoming a victim of the China-US trade war. Many felt that it hinders the smartphone experience and prevents an edge-to-edge display. However, such reports and rumors must be taken with a grain of salt. If true, it would seem Apple is going all-in on the square / domino style rear camera, a design that arguably looks worse than the front notch. Earlier this week, Apple released an ad touting Face ID as a much better option than Touch ID.

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