The latest Raspberry Pi has a faulty USB-C charging port

Raspberry Pi 4 Won't Work with Some USB Type-C Cables

Raspberry Pi 4 won't work with some power cables due to its USB-C design flaw

This non-compliant design breaks functionality with more powerful "e-marked" cables, such as the USB-C chargers that ship with Apple's MacBooks and some Windows 10 laptops.

THERE'S LITTLE doubt that the Raspberry Pi 4 is one of the most exciting launches we've seen this year, but it has a rather weird design "feature". If you plug one of those into the Raspberry Pi 4, it detects it as an audio accessory like earbuds or a 3.5mm adapter because of the incorrect resistor setup. The affordable single-board computer is by far the most popular choice for developers who work on the Internet of Things (IoT) projects. One of those ways is power through a standard USB-C connector to allow for the extra bit of juice the beefier board needs compared to its older brother. But they would have if the Raspberry Pi Foundation had simply followed the USB-C specification to the letter. He explains that from a technical perspective, the USB-C specification defines two pins called CC1 and CC2 for connecting to the power sink in a specific way.

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"It's surprising this didn't show up in our (quite extensive) field testing program", Upton said.

The developers behind Kali Linux agree and have made it so that their distribution is compatible with Raspberry Pi 4 and has "on-board wifi monitor mode & frame injection support".

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"The first is that they designed this circuit themselves, perhaps trying to do something clever with current level detection, but failing to do it right".

The USB-C flaw is the second recent power-related product issue the foundation has created in recent months. But buyers only needed a few weeks to discover their brand new mini-computers pack a serious USB-C issue that could render them useless, at least until you figure out what's wrong.

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In the meantime, you'll need to make sure you're using a bog-standard USB-C cable without e-marking (good luck finding out which cables are which) and a charger that delivers a steady 5V 3A power supply - you'll note that's slightly higher than the usual 2.4A your phone probably uses. "I get it, the USB-C cable situation is confusing and messy, and I've covered it in detail that there are numerous different cables", he continued. Raspberry Pi 4 owners will need to use non-e-marked USB-C cables.

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