Speaker Pelosi to headline Indy’s 2019 Young Democrats of America Convention

Reps. Omar Pressley Tlaib and Ocasio Cortez  Instagram

Reps. Omar Pressley Tlaib and Ocasio Cortez Instagram

Now, Ocasio-Cortez is firing back. The bill included funding for more resources to address the increasing flow of migrants over the southern border, and the four congresswomen said it did not contain strong enough protections for migrant children. "It's a huge mistake", Ocasio-Cortez tweeted Saturday, echoing comments she made to CNN following the June vote on border funding.

Rashida Tlaib and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who have called US detention facilities "concentration camps".

Ocasio-Cortez's remark was prompted by a comment from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., who was quoted in The New York Times on Saturday criticizing the New York legislator and three of her Democratic colleagues - Reps. "But they didn't have any following". Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, Rashida Tlaib of MI and Ayanna Pressley of MA - for voting against a border funding bill that had the support of a majority of House Democrats.

"Absolutely. It's traumatic. They are in a facility that is dehumanizing", she responded, insisting the "concentration camp" label is accurate.

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Tensions inside the House Democratic Caucus are running high after an ugly debate last month over legislation to provide emergency aid for the humanitarian crisis at the border.

"All these people have their public whatever and their Twitter world, but they didn't have any following".

In a separate message, Ocasio-Cortez also defended the use of social media by herself and her fellow newcomers to Congress, over the more traditional - and often more expensive and time-consuming - methods favored by longer-serving lawmakers.

'I haven't dialed for dollars *once* this year, & have more time to do my actual job. "Yet we'd rather campaign like it's 2008". 'And wielding the power to shift it is how we actually achieve meaningful change in this country'.

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"I don't believe it was a good idea for Dems to blindly trust the Trump admin when so many kids have died in their custody", the New York Democrat tweeted.

The progressive Democrat from NY said Democrats who voted along with Republicans on the spending plan were making a huge mistake in trusting President Trump to address issues at the border.

"As of late we are seeing just the opposite from Speaker Nancy Pelosi". Tlaib added that she and her allies on the left in Congress would continue to push back against the actions of the administration, no matter the position of party leadership.

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