Love Island's Amy declares her love for Curtis

Curtis and Amy kiss in the hot tub. Love Island episode 8. ITV2/Virgin Media Two

Curtis and Amy kiss in the hot tub. Love Island episode 8. ITV2/Virgin Media Two

Amy felt torn apart as she still loves Curtis - but the Longford young woman was having none of it. I could see things working with her. Tonight, Lucie asks Tommy for a chat again and explains she still has romantic feelings for him. "I think she does still really like him". 'It's still going to be there. "What you didn't see was all the talks we had together, and we had a little dance".

"Still, you've got to be careful what you say regardless. I don't want to lose that". I don't want to lose that'. There was no going back, there was no lying, I had to say I'd said it. Speaking with the other girls on the swing seat, Molly-Mae says: "Tommy and Lucie are having a chat over there".

She comfortably told Caroline - and the rest of the villa - how she had missed him so much and how she been "laying in bed all day moping around".

Meanwhile, Amber has remained loyal and stoic in Casa Amor, which makes it all the more heartbreaking. It's really hard because Stevie and George have both been asking me where my head's at.

Amy points her finger at her half-boyfriend and tells him: "I was coming back here to tell you I love you".

Curtis kissed fellow islander, Tommy Fury, as they took their bromance to the next level.

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Among the crowded feed, one fan wrote: 'Whys Tommy look absolutely gutted that Lucy has recoupled'. "My jaw dropped I was shocked".

The grass may look greener on the other side, but more often than not it isn't, and simply "following your gut" all the time with no regard for other people's feelings, or for the rewards you might reap if you simply work on things, can be a unsafe game. Damn man if looks could kill!

However, it was not a happy reunion for Amber Gill when she came back to the villa after choosing Michael over one of the new handsome men only to find out her partner had chose to recouple with 22-year old recruitment consultant Joanna Chimonides.

She added: "Everyone questions everything". And will the drama damage Tommy and Molly-Mae's relationship?

Lucie confided in Tommy: 'So I am going to put this to you as a friend, and I am going to say to you I trust you with what I am going to say that it is not going to go elsewhere because I am just going to tell you and see how you feel.

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She concluded: 'So I am just going to put it out there to you that I would be open to what we had before'. Michael tells her: "I've come back into being myself just from you being here".

Amy sobbed when she found out, saying she felt "worthless" and that Curtis had made her feel like "an utter mug".

Molly-Mae feels Lucie isn't being honest with her about the situation. We had no idea he was into Lucie, so that's news.

'Did anyone clock Tommy's facial expression when Lucie walked in #lovelsland'.

Will the two girls come to blows over Tommy? I'm team Tommy and Molly now'. "Do you honestly think you deserve this?"

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