New Jersey confirms its earliest ever West Nile Virus case

The best way to steer clear of the West Nile virus is to avoid mosquito bites Pierre Pilon says.							Postmedia News

The best way to steer clear of the West Nile virus is to avoid mosquito bites Pierre Pilon says. Postmedia News

Although two human cases of West Nile were reported in Marion County in 2018, none have been reported thus far in 2019.

To help prevent more infections, Elnahal urged people to wear long sleeves and trousers when they're outdoors, use EPA-registered insect repellents and drain any standing water in their yards.

West Nile virus is an arboviral disease that people can contact through the bite of a mosquito that has fed on an infected bird.

Symptoms can include flu-like illness, fever or skin rashes. People who develop severe illness may experience stiff neck, altered mental status, paralysis, coma and possibly death.

West Nile virus can cause West Nile fever, which can develop into a more severe form of the disease that affects the nervous system.

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There is no specific treatment for West Nile virus.

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment recommends Kansans take preventive measures against mosquito bites over the Fourth of July holiday.

The health department is encouraging everyone to remove any standing water from their home of property, as that is where mosquitoes most like to breed.

Last year, 61 people there were reportedly infected with West Nile, the most ever in the Garden State.

Get rid of mosquito breeding sites by emptying standing water from flower pots, buckets, and barrels. Areas that may need attention include flower pots, birdbaths, clogged rain gutters, plastic wading pools and wheelbarrows, and any containers or trash that may be hard to see such as under bushes, homes or around building exteriors.

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· Install or fix screens on windows and doors to keep mosquitoes out of your residence.

Detailed guidance for mosquito-proofing your yard are available from the state.

West Nile virus was confirmed in most in counties in 2018. WNV is not directly transmitted from birds to humans.

Public health officials in New Jersey are bracing for what looks to be a summer of increased West Nile virus.

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