Watch the Sea Creature in the Gulf of Mexico

Researchers of the NOAA Journey into Midnight mission gather around to watch the squid video

Researchers of the NOAA Journey into Midnight mission gather around to watch the squid video

The juvenile, estimated to be up to 3.7 metres long, was spotted by an global team of scientists who had spent two weeks in the Gulf of Mexico trawling waters where the sun does not reach to see how the creatures there live without light.

Mr Widder was part of the team responsible for the first time it was captured on camera in 2012 off the coast of Japan.

Estimating the squid was at least 3.7 metres in length, the size of your average hatchback auto, the crew rushed to confirm their discovery with one of the world's best squid experts, Michael Vecchione.

So, a group of researchers with the support of the Department for research and study of the ocean National oceanic and atmospheric administration, about to seal the deal at the beginning of this week, a giant squid, the length of which is estimated at 10-12 feet (3-3. 6 m). Widder described the experience as "one of the more incredible days at sea I've ever had".

The giant squid stunned scientists working on the project.

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'Most importantly, ' the team says, 'we did not find a monster'.

At a press conference Sunday, Edith Widder, one of the leads on the 23-person crew and founder of the Ocean Research & Conservation Association, called it it "one of the more awesome days at sea I've ever had". We knew immediately that it was a squid.

"I started to see a tentacle and I got more and more excited and then when the tentacles pulled back there aren't words to describe it", Robinson told CNN.

Their enormous size, alien features, and elusive behavior have earned the giant squid a legendary status among marine life.

NOAA/Danté FenolioLeft to right Nathan Robinson, Sonke Johnsen, Tracey Sutton, Captain of the Pt Sur- Nick Allen, Edie Widder and Megan McCall gather around to watch the squid video.

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The fact the NOAA team recorded a giant squid after only five deployments is incredible, since as they say "thousands of ROV and submersible dives in the Gulf of Mexico have not done so" previously.

In 2004, Japanese scientists were able to take the first pictures of a giant squid and collect a portion of tentacle from a live animal.

"It has the largest eye of any animal we know of, it's got a beak that can rip flesh".

"It's got eight writhing arms and two slashing tentacles", Widder explained.

"It has a jet propulsion system that can go backwards and forwards, blue blood, and three hearts".

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"What have been once monsters to be feared are now curious and lovely creatures that delight", the team of researchers wrote in a mission log after seeing the video on Wednesday. "We like to feel that science and exploration has brought about this change, making the world less scary and more wondrous with each new thing we learn".

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