Eastern German town buys up all the beer in protest against neo-Nazis

German neo Nazi festival

We wanted to dry the Nazis out:’ Police locals spoiled German neo Nazi festival by taking away their beer

Five hundred to six hundred Neo-Nazis attended the right-wing Schild und Schwert ("Shield and Sword" or "SS") rock music festival, compared with 1,200 previous year.

On Friday [June 21], the day the festival began, Saxony Police revealed that they had confiscated Around 4,200 liters (1,109 gallons) of beer from the white supremacists attending the event, with a further 200 liters also seized on the Saturday.

"The alcohol ban at the meeting/event site of the Neo-Nazi meeting in Ostritz has been consistently enforced by our forces since yesterday", the force tweeted on June 22.

Some 2,000 locals in the eastern town of Ostritz also rallied against the far right.

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"The plan was devised a week in advance", said local activist George Salditt.

Police and locals have snatched up the beer supply of a German town on the Polish border ahead of the arrival of 600 Nazi rock fans, in town for the Shield and Sword festival of music and hate. We wanted to dry the Nazis out.

Germany's Süddeutsche Zeitung daily estimated that 500-600 fans attended the festival, compared with some 1,200 previous year. "We thought, if an alcohol ban is coming, we'll empty the shelves at the Penny [supermarket]", he said.

According to the outlet, Ostritz "already has a reputation for far-right activism" - a position some residents are eager to separate themselves.

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About 1,400 police were deployed at the festival, including hundreds from other parts of Germany. One local woman stressed that neo-Nazis are unwelcome in their community.

The Dresden court justified its ban on alcohol at the festival by saying "the event has an obviously martial and aggressive character", and there was a risk that alcohol could make violence more likely.

A counter protest took place but it wasn't just certain locals who wanted to express their displeasure at the event.

A series of far-right demonstrations rocked the Saxon city of Chemnitz previous year.

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