SpaceX's Falcon Heavy To Send Cremated Remains Of 152 Individuals To Space

Third SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch is the first with used side boosters

SpaceX is Launching the Remains of 152 Dead People Into Orbit

The Falcon Heavy will carry several payloads for NASA and the Air Force, which means they are paying for tonight's launch, or actually, the taxpayers are. The second launch took place in April.

It will be the third launch for the Falcon Heavy, the most powerful rocket in use today. Monday's launch will also mark the first time that Falcon Heavy has launched with previously flown side boosters.

The two side boosters used within the Arabsat launch might be used once more for this launch.

Primarily, the Falcon Heavy will carry 24 satellites for the U.S Air Force Space and Missile System Center; an experimental Green Propellant Infusion Mission for NASA; and a Deep Space Atomic Clock, a navigation test satellite.

SpaceX is about to launch the ashes of 152 people into space
If successful, it could bolster SpaceX's case to win more Air Force contracts to launch sensitive military satellites. The second mission successfully carried the communications satellite Arabsat 6A into orbit back in April 2019.

The launch window opens at 11:30 p.m. on Monday. Among the satellites that the mission will put into orbit are the new atomic space clock we talked about not long ago and a less toxic and more efficient spacecraft fuel test bed.

Like before SpaceX will be attempting to land both its boosters and the centre core back to the ground.

"We're putting 24 research and development satellites into three separate orbits, with a first-ever four engine start and burn of the second stage".

Liftoff will come, coincidentally, just 42 minutes after the planned landing of a Russian Soyuz spacecraft in Kazakhstan carrying three crew members back to Earth after a six-and-a-half-month stay aboard the International Space Station.

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The mission, which is known as Space Test Program-2, or STP-2, will deliver two dozen spacecraft and experiments to different orbital paths around the Earth. For this service, the company purchases available rooms in spacecraft that have upcoming launches. That's because of the range of orbits the satellites need to reach.

The SmallSat launching this week will test the new "green" propellant, which will provide a safer alternative to toxic chemical propellants now used, and which, in turn, could mean longer duration missions for spacecraft in deep space.

The rocket of 230 feet tall has been the most towering rocket and to be launched from Kennedy Space Center since the Saturn V rockets last used within the Apollo space program in 1973.

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