Sanders, Omar & Other House Progressives Roll Out Bill To Cancel Student Debt

Signs for Democratic presidential candidates are seen outside prior to Rep. Jim Clyburn’s “World Famous Fish Fry

Biden says he didn't intend to use term 'boy' in offensive context

The former vice president and Democratic polling leader unveiled some of his immigration priorities on Monday in a newspaper op-ed that blisters President Donald Trump for an "assault on the dignity" of the Latino community through policies and rhetoric created to "scare voters" in 2020.

Speaking with MSNBC host Al Sharpton during the South Carolina Democratic Convention about criminal justice reform, Biden claimed that Trump's election ignited a cultural awakening that will shift the tides of public policy just like the assassinations of King and Kennedy drove change a half-century ago.

SC holds the fourth nominating contest early next year, the first in which a significant proportion of the Democratic electorate - about 60 percent - is black. The children of Donald Trump aren't asking or taking out student loans.

Harris added that Democrats shouldn't "turn back the clock" and instead "start the next chapter". Kamala Harris conflated abortion rights with voting rights.

Chennai to get 10m litres water daily by train from Vellore
Water tanker trucks are being hijacked and violence is erupting between neighboring housing settlements, said Sharma. People fighting in queues for water, many unable to take showers, and hotels warning people about water usage.

On This Week, Booker explained that in the wake of Biden's original remarks, he's heard from "many African-Americans" who told him that they found the words "hurtful", but he also characterized the vice president's comments as a "mistake", though one that the former vice president should have been more mindful of.

Clyburn is the highest-ranking African-American in Congress, an influential figure in this state's Democratic primaries and, most recently, has perhaps been Biden's most important ally. But the former vice president maintained a dominant lead among black voters at 52%.

Most Democratic voters support abortion rights, though the issue doesn't always energize the party's base in SC and other conservative states.

The two are furthermore slated to seem at a DNC conference in SC this weekend.

Bayliss still eager for England to play attacking cricket
Though their fourth encounter against Sri Lanka was abandoned due to bad weather conditions at Bristol County stadium. They are still fairly likely to make it through thanks to the number of wins - four - and their strong net run-rate.

Club for Growth, a conservative political group, will launch new attack ads against Democratic presidential front-runner Joe Biden targeting his past statements about race that will run during his first debate appearance next week. He has shown particular strength in SC, where he has deep relationships from previous presidential runs, friendships with two of state's towering former senators and, perhaps most important in 2020, his eight years President Barack Obama's vice president.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg is telling South Carolina Democrats that his city will recover from the racial wounds exposed after a South Bend police officer shot and killed a black man last week. If the health center had closed, Missouri would have been the first state to not have an abortion clinic since Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973.

At the state Democratic Party's convention, a parade of more than 20 candidates appeared before organisers and activists in the party. His campaign told the Texas Tribune that he would pay for it by replacing the Republican tax overhaul of 2017 with an unspecified "more fair tax plan". "You have to have a real grassroots activated program, knocking on doors, visiting synagogues and places of worship, showing up at community events, going to the fish fries, going to family reunions".

"Kamala Harris intends to win SC, which is why we're the first to have paid organizers and prominent endorsers in every region of the state", SC director Jalisa Washington-Price told Reuters.

Afghanistan will try to learn from mistakes, says Rashid Khan
Opener Shikhar Dhawan's exit midway into the tournament with a broken finger is the biggest blow so far for fancied India . Mohammad Nabi top scored against India with 52 from 55 but it wasn't enough to help his side claim their first victory.

According to ABC News reporting, Biden called Booker shortly after a CNN interview to talk about the situation.

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