Egypt’s ousted president Mohamed Mursi dies in court, media reports say

Morsi had been in jail since he was toppled by the military in 2013 after mass protests against his rule

Morsi had been in jail since he was toppled by the military in 2013 after mass protests against his rule

There are no other elements except health "behind his death", this according to Fr Rafic Greiche, president of the Media Committee of the Council of Churches of Egypt, who spoke to AsiaNews following the sudden death of Egypt's former president, who was affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Pointing fingers at the Egyptian regime, Al Raissouni said that the example of Morsi was a "stigma to all parts of Egypt, except for the treacherous ring governing" in the country. Syrian activists circulated a video on Monday showing Morsi carrying a Syrian opposition flag during a rally in Egypt.

A woman holds a picture of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi as people pray during a symbolic funeral in front of the embassy in Ankara, Turkey, June 18, 2019.

The then-army chief Abdul Fattah al-Sisi was elected president in 2014 and re-elected a year ago in polls rights groups called "farcical".

In July 2013, the military ousted Morsi after massive demonstrations erupted against his government, arresting him and other top Islamist leaders.

Morsi's death was barely mentioned in local press, which referred to him by his full name but not his position as former president.

The Brotherhood won the elections held after Mubarak's fall, considered the first free votes the country had seen. They accused him of allowing Islamists to monopolise the political scene and mishandling the economy.

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Egypt's state information service later said Whitson's statements were "nothing but false claims" that reaffirm what it called HRW's tradition of "circulating lies".

Iran's Foreign Affairs Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi called his death "sad and unfortunate" and said that "while respecting the views of the great nation of Egypt, offers its condolences".

After Morsi's ouster, Egypt's military put the former president in prison, where he has been since 2013, and cracked down on the Muslim Brotherhood.

An engineer by profession, Morsi's short time in office marked Egypt's brief experiment with democracy.

Thousands joined in prayer in Istanbul on Tuesday for former Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi who died a day earlier after collapsing during a Cairo court session.

The attorney general's office said Morsi, who appeared "animated", had addressed the court on Monday for five minutes before falling to the ground inside the defendants' glass cage.

Amnesty International reacted to Morsy's death by saying: "The Egyptian authorities have a proven track record of holding prisoners in solitary confinement for long periods and in harsh conditions".

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"This is awful but ENTIRELY predictable, given govt failure to allow him adequate medical care, much less family visits", said Whitson in a statement on Twitter, adding that Human Rights Watch had been in the process of writing a report about Morsi's death.

The prayers, called by Turkey's religious authority Diyanet, took place in the city's Fatih mosque.

He says there was heavy security at the cemetery.

State TV said the 67-year-old's death was due to a cardiac arrest.

Virtually overnight, imperialist politicians in Washington and the European capitals-who had hailed Mursi as Egypt's first "democratically elected" president when they hoped his election would prevent revolutionary struggle by the working class-abandoned Mursi, leaving him to rot in jail.

The Islamist leader, who was overthrown in 2013 after a year of divisive rule and later charged with espionage, was buried at a cemetery in eastern Cairo's Medinat Nasr, one of his lawyers said.

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