Pixel 4 spotted days after Google confirms its existence

Google Pixel 4 confirmed with official image

Google reveals Pixel 4 design, confirms dual rear cameras - GSMArena.com news

Beneath the two cameras looks to be a flash, and at the top of the array is a smaller sensor, which could be a depth-sensing device such as the likes used by Huawei.

Google has never posted an image of an upcoming phone before an announcement, at least not intentionally. The alleged image of Google Pixel 4 by 9to5google shows us the back of the new Pixel phone covered in a fabric case.

The third and not mutually exclusive version that Google did it for sheer publicity, to drop a bone to the fans of "pure Android" smartphones and to stimulate the curiosity of the rest.

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Remember the enormous notch on the iPhone X that was immediately duplicated by what feels like about every smartphone organization? When Apple first came up with the notched screen on its iPhone X, the look was ridiculed, then accepted, then copied en masse. The Pixel 3 leaks of a year ago were detailed and endless to the point where the phone's launch was more of a leak confirmation than anything else.

And it's that camera module that indicates we're looking at a Pixel 4 phone because we have no other identifying details about the handset. But the tipster who sent this picture says they did see the phone's front and yes, it does have a thick-ish forehead, just like we are assuming it will. Especially the square camera feature. It's big, it's black and it's rocking a very different camera.

This is cool. Upper left corner. less cool.

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Welcome to Pixel 4 season, where Google drip-feeds information about its next flagship until its launch sometime in October. There is also an additional sensor inside the large camera module and we have no idea about its functionality. But a flawless look, it is not. It is also available in Apple's flagship laptop models as well. A camera-centric smartphone is all the rage now, if not gaming phones.

Unfortunately, there's nothing we can do about it. One other outstanding question: what's that gleaming ring around the edge of the phone? This one does seem to fit though as the carriers know a long way in advance when each company will be releasing a phone.

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