'He Had a Gun Drawn': Parents Arrested With 2 Young Children

An unidentified Phoenix cop threatens to shoot a mom in the face

An unidentified Phoenix cop threatens to shoot a mom in the face

JAY-Z's Team ROC has stepped in to provide legal aid to an Arizona family who was held at gunpoint and terrorized by police because their 4-year-old daughter walked out of the dollar store with a doll.

Ames claimed in an official complaint that the officers approached his auto without warning lights or sirens, before jumping out and immediately threatening his family with their guns.

Video was captured by nearby witnesses in the apartment complex and has since went viral. The report also confirms that the incident, which has made global news, all took place because Ames' daughter walked out of a dollar store with a doll.

Phoenix police, who said they are conducting an internal investigation of the incident, released a video Tuesday shot by a bystander showing an officer appearing to push a handcuffed man, believed to be Ames, against the side of a auto and kicking his legs.

An officer is seen attempting to yank the child from her arms before a bystander offers to take her children. "My hands are up!"

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"Get your f--g hands up!" that officer at one point repeatedly yelled.

Dravon Ames and his fiancee, Lesha Harper, had just left a dollar store on May 29 with their daughters, ages 1 and 4, and were in their auto when they realized the older girl had taken a doll, according to a notice of claim filed Wednesday with the city.

During a press conference, Harper stressed, "A police officer, we don't know who he is, a guy, a random guy came up to the door banging on the window with a gun, says he's going to shoot us in our face, telling us to get out of the vehicle".

Recently released video of Phoenix officers drawing their weapons on a family and threatening to shoot has led an internal police investigation and a $10 million lawsuit against the city and its police department.

"The employee said they had just taken "a bunch" of toys without paying", the report states. Police followed, and the vehicle stopped to let Harper's aunt out.

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The officer prompts and threatens Harper to put her hands up, despite her own protest that she is carrying a child in her arms, and cannot do so. That woman was detained by the officer, who learned she had three misdemeanor warrants for her arrest, police said.

"The driver pulled into a parking space and I made contact on the driver side of the vehicle, as the driver's door opened. Get your f***ing hands up!"

"You're going to f-- get shot!" the officer shouts back.

"I could see at least two other people in the backseat", Meyer wrote.

Harper eventually handed her kids off to an unidentified woman before being cuffed herself.

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The filing from the family alleges that Ames was thrown against a vehicle and kicked so hard that he collapsed before a police officer "kept his knee between the father's legs. She became loud, verbally abusive and refused our commands". She replied that she had her baby in her arms and the asphalt was hot.

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