United Kingdom must pay bill even in ‘no deal’ Brexit, warns EU

John Bercow

ALLOWED Speaker John Bercow had sparked anger by allowing Labour to table the motion

Letwin told BBC Radio 4's Today programme, "Under the Article 50 process, on 31 October the United Kingdom leaves the European Union regardless of whether we do or don't have a deal in place unless somebody does something to alter that".

He said: "Labour stands ready to use whatever mechanism it can to protect jobs, the economy and communities from the disastrous consequences of a no-deal Brexit".

Fairbairn also warned that a no-deal Brexit was not just about "short-term disruption", saying that there has been too much focus on "empty shelves and poor availability of lettuces". In a final vote, 309 members of Parliament went against the proposal and 298 voted for it.

A motion seeking to prevent a no-deal Brexit under the future prime minister has been defeated in the House of Commons on Wednesday and has boosted Tory leadership contenders seeking a clean break from the EU.

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Andrea Leadsom , Esther McVey and Mark Harper didn't receive enough votes to progress and were eliminated from the contest. Conservative legislators will hold further elimination rounds of votes next week until two contenders remain.

But all Tory leadership candidates need to know that we will not give up on the fight to stop a no deal Brexit.

Opposition legislators fear a pro-Brexit Prime Minister could even suspend Parliament to force a no-deal exit. Departing Prime Minister Theresa May tried and failed three times to convince Parliament to approve it.

Speaking about those who said the United Kingdom could leave on October 31, if necessary without a deal, he added: "I think they are misleading themselves and others and that strategy is going to lead to delay".

Edwin Morgan, interim director general of the IoD, highlighted the willingness of several contenders to be the next Conservative leader and United Kingdom prime minister to leave the European Union without a deal.

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(Although some of the Labour Leavers' preferences for a deal rely on the belief, shared by many Tory Brexiteers, that a backstop-free one is possible to negotiate.) Why, then, did so many not seize the opportunity to give parliament some control over the Brexit process in what might have been the flawless moment, when there is barely a functioning government?

Conservative opponents of no-deal and leadership candidates, Matt Hancock and Rory Stewart, revealed that they would vote against the motion.

The procedure is the same as one used by opposition MPs to block a no deal Brexit before the 29 March deadline.

Hammond, who sought assurances after becoming alarmed by the spending promises being made by Boris Johnson and Dominic Raab, disclosed that he had received private commitments from two campaigns.

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The Conservative MP said rival candidates who are promising to deliver on Brexit by the end of October are "misleading themselves and others".

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